Maker of Hellman’s Mayonnaise Attempts to Crush Cruelty-free Alternative
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Donny Moss, Their Turn
November 2014

[See Hellman's Drops Lawsuit Aganst Hampton Creek, Launches Its Own Vegan Mayonnaise, February 2016]

Unilever, the $60 billion dollar corporation that makes Hellman’s mayonnaise, is attempting to cripple Hampton Creek, a start up company that makes Just Mayo, an egg-free alternative that is growing in popularity. Claiming that mayonnaise, by definition, contains eggs, Unilever is arguing in federal court that Hampton Creek must either add eggs to its recipe or remove Just Mayo from grocery store shelves.

Just Mayo eggless
Relax, Max. It's Just Mayo...

Unilever has reasons for concern — and not just because Just Mayo is stealing market share from Hellmann’s. The CEO of Hampton Creek, Josh Tetrick, is aiming to “create a whole new model” that “takes animals out of the equation.”

In his 2013 TED Talk, Tetrick points out that eliminating animal agriculture could dramatically reduce greenhouse gasses, hunger and inefficiency, not to mention the inhumane treatment of animals.

While Tetrick describes eggs as “the end result of a hen’s ovulation cycle,” he does acknowledge their “important role” in recipes. They cause cookies to bind; they hold oil and water together in mayonnaise; and they make cakes rise. He argues, however, that plants can do the same thing if we harness their potential, With Beyond Mayo, Tetrick has proven that plant-based foods can both satisfy our palates and feed people in a way that doesn’t destroy the environment or “misalign our values.”

Please sign the petition telling Unilever "to stop bullying sustainable food companies."

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