Animal Justice Project exposes cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and nicotine experiments on animals
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Animal Justice Project
April 2015

Electric shocks, restraints, drugging, surgical implants, smoking experiments, killing...

drug experiments

In shocking revelations broken by The Sunday Times, and covered by International Business Times and The Tab, we expose a chilling pattern of animal experiments involving recreational drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, nicotine, alcohol and 'designer drugs', to name a few. They are taking place inside universities in Cambridge, Surrey, Sussex, London, Belfast, Cardiff, Bristol, Nottingham and many other places around the UK.

With the support of our Science Advisor, Dr. Andre Menache, we have found and worked through an overwhelming number of studies involving animal experimentation with the aim of bringing these scandalous practices in laboratories to the attention of the public. We want taxpayers to know how their hard earned money is spent by the government.

At highly accredited universities, utterly futile studies are being carried out - day in, and day out. Animals may be injected or forced to inhale ‘Class A’ drugs in huge doses over days, and often weeks. Sometimes for hours at a time. At one university, Animal Justice Project revealed 39 rats being subjected to both nicotine and cocaine over a two week period.

During experiments using recreational drugs, animals are frequently denied food, implanted with intravenous and brain catheters, and have their brains surgically damaged. They are trained to seek out drugs, are exposed to electric shocks, flashing lights, forced swimming, loud noise and confusing mazes during training and punishment. Pain relief is often not provided to animals, even after surgery.

We demand an end to recreational drugs being used in animal experiments and are launching an international campaign to expose these horrendous studies which YOU can be a part of. Thank you on behalf of Animal Justice Project for helping us to create change and justice for all!

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