Dropping Turkeys from Airplanes May Cease in Yellville, Arkansas
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UPC United Poultry Concerns
April 2018


turkey thrown out of plane
For about 50 years, "Phantom Pilots" have flown airplanes by a festival and released live turkeys. Most of the birds spread their wings and glide to the ground, but some of them don't open their wings and die on impact.

Good News! Arkansas Online reported April 25, 2018 that:

“The Mid-Marion County Rotary Club has decided to sponsor the annual Turkey Trot festival this year in Yellville after another sponsor backed out.

“The Rotary Club voted 16-6 on Monday to take over sponsorship, but only if no live turkeys are on the premises or dropped from airplanes, said Stan Duffy, president elect of the Rotary Club.”

Read this promising article: Arkansas festival gets sponsor under condition that no live turkeys thrown from plane.

UPC president Karen Davis posted a grateful comment:

“This is truly good news! Thank you on behalf of the turkeys and all of us who have urged Yellville to refuse to have anything to do with throwing live birds out of airplanes. Turkeys are not suited for such a terrifying ordeal. I believe most residents do not view throwing them from moving aircraft to be amusing or acceptable. The Rotary Club is making the right decision from every standpoint.”

Yelleville turkey
Image from KUAR

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