Dog Racing to End in Rhode Island
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Christine Dorchak, Esq., President Grey2KUSA
August 2009

Today I bring you great news!! After hearing from greyhound advocates around the world, the Rhode Island legislature has announced it will not hold a special summer session in order to prevent Twin River from shutting down live racing.

This means that dog racing will end on August 8!

When lawmakers report back in September, we will introduce legislation to end dog racing as a matter of law. Please thank Representative Patricia Serpa and Senator Lou Raptakis for sponsoring this bill, which will end dog racing for good in New England. Click here to read an Associated Press story about our rally at the state capitol.

To hear the latest update on the campaign to end dog racing please tune into Sins of Omission Radio on Monday, August 3 at 9 p.m. (Eastern time). I will discuss the “Unseen Costs of Greyhound Racing” with host, Paula Abeles. Log on and call 347-677-0792 with your questions and comments.

Once Twin River ends dog racing, there will be just eight states remaining where dog racing is legal and operational. We are committed to ending dog racing in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Please help us reach this goal by becoming a member of the Gracie Club or by making a contribution today.

Together, we can end dog racing nationwide!

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