Dr. Mengeles in Our Midst
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Their Turn
September 2014

[Ed. Note: Read more at Baby-Monkey Experiments Revealed in Chilling Videos and take action at Tell NIH to Stop Tormenting Infant Monkeys in NIH's Labs]

At NIH, baby monkeys are bred to be prone to depression, torn from their mothers at birth, locked alone inside cold metal cages, and subjected to years of terrifying psychological experiments.

For the past 60 years, the NIH has been conducting “maternal deprivation” studies in which researchers kidnap newborn monkeys from their mothers; give them surrogate mothers made of wire and wood; and hold them captive in dark metal boxes called “pits of despair” where they mutilate themselves. Video footage of one experiment shows babies crying and frantically shaking their mothers who have been chemically sedated by the researchers.

If you think that the sadistic and barbaric experiments conducted at Auschwitz by Dr. Josef Mengele are a thing of the past, think again. They are taking place today in labs all over the world – including those funded by taxpayers. Maternal deprivation and other similar studies continue at the NIH with approximately 200 monkeys. And, like the Auschwitz studies, they are being conducted in vain. As early as 1977, the researcher at the NIH who led these studies acknowledged that the findings were irrelevant to humans. Please watch this video obtained by PETA and take action against the NIH - Tell NIH to Stop Tormenting Infant Monkeys in NIH's Labs.

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