Horse Diving Act Cancelled
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Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages
February 2012

[Ed: Note: VICTORY as of 2/21/22...(1) "Atlantic City Horse Diving Revival Scrapped After Protests," Huffington Post, (2) "Activists' outcry sinks comeback of diving horses," Chicago Tribune, (3) "Steel Pier owner drops plan to bring back the Diving Horse after protests in Atlantic City, NJ," Washington Post.]

The controversial horse diving stunt planned for Atlantic City has been canceled because of YOU! Kudos to all the people who care about animals and spoke up. That sinking feeling: Atlantic City plan to bring back diving horses tanks amid activists' outcry did not acknowledge people's pressure.

Not surprising at all was the Facebook comment from the VP of the NYC carriage horse association that someone sent to me. This is what she said: "I don't see ANY cruelty, abuse, or neglect, and people do FAR more PROVEN dangerous things with horses everyday across this country. Therefore, my support comes down on the side of the owner to provide a living for him/herself and the horse. " No big surprise there. She is, after all, a "horse expert."

People who are in the business of exploiting horses or any other animal will generally agree with other animal abusers.  

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