Desolate Plain of Humanity
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Diana Moreton
From Animal Rights Online
June 2009

Like any social/ethical/moral movement, every one of us who is genuinely concerned with ending animal consumption must also BE proactive in sharing the compassionate message of animal pain and suffering with the public. The deliberate concealment of animal pain and suffering is genuinely kept from public view because of the moral and ethical implications it would impose on human society. This is exactly the morally corrupt foundation we seek to overturn; since we have learned to apply genuine knowledge and logic toward ending the existence of suffering in every sentient being.

I do not accept pervasive indifference toward animal pain and suffering any more. I do not buy into the phlegmatic theory of human domination over nonhuman any more. This thought pattern is rooted in the evils of speciesism, of which I am not a member of this ideology any more. Like most who grew up in the American school system in the 50's and 60's, I was taught to evolve rapidly into a numbed, indifferent state of heart and mind toward the importance of life in other species, so I, too, could exploit the hell out of them. I also learned from outside the school system, of my superiority and power in a dominant human world; to justify the torture and consumption of animals at every level of behavior.

Through a series of self-orchestrated events, I grasped the reality of this dark situation, as well as the magnitude of destruction aimed at the animal kingdom. I have discovered within my own psyche, I am totally opposed to the notion, and find it quite odious in my quest to experience my life, and the lives of other sentient beings. I admit I am actively against harm toward anyone or anything. I know and feel the low current of pain it induces every day. It feels like I have a bruised soul; every time I hang my head in silent remorse, and think of the sad, old notion of the vulnerable animal suffering for all time. Sometimes the pain is so intense I can barely contain my sorrow. I want to get primal and let out that wicked scream; but know I must contain my sanity, strength, and courage for the next animal victim.

When I am not actively thinking about this horribly oppressive phenomenon, the pain level is there, but at a lower ebb. With my emotional expertise in animal suffering, this must makes my nature seem quite odd to the millions of uncaring and unconcerned people on our planet who go about their selfish and pitiless business, as they were taught.

I hope to see an increase in the population of people who learn to use, and work with, their own intuitive moral codes and instincts, rather than what they have been systematically taught, in perpetuating animal pain and suffering, across the desolate plain of humanity.

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