Darwin Animal Doctors - 2013 Successes
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Darwin Animal Doctors (DAD)
December 2013

We are passionate about protecting animals AND saving the Galapagos

Darwin Animal Doctors Galapagos

Darwin Animal Doctors Galapagos

Darwin Animal Doctors has brought veterinary care to the Galapagos Islands where there were no vets – but there were plenty of animals in need of care. Our clinics are groundbreaking – we’re providing free, top notch veterinary care to the animals who need it most, 365 days a year.

We help domestic animals and wildlife. One of the primary services we provide is free spaying and neutering. This minimizes domestic animal and wildlife interactions, which can spread invasive diseases between them.

We protect the biodiversity of these exquisite islands that have animals found nowhere else on the planet.

Darwin Animal Doctors Galapagos

Darwin Animal Doctors Galapagos

2013 Successes

We here at DAD have had an amazing year and would love to share our accomplishments with you, since it was all possible solely thanks to all your generous support! I also would like to personally ask your help in making 2014 even more successful for the animals.

This past year has been our best yet, and here are some of our highlights:

- We treated well over 800 animals this summer alone. Many of these are repeat visits and checkups on chronic issues. This is fantastic because it tells us that our humane education programs are working, and people are taking their animals' health seriously!

- We partnered with the Galapagos government to do mobile campaigns all over the Galapagos! We had mobile campaigns in three important areas of the main island of Santa Cruz. We also had a government-sponsored campaign on the island of Floreana. And thanks to a partnership with the IOI, our amazing Dutch vets treated 400 animals this year on the biggest island of Galapagos, Isabela Island.

- We've been able to host more volunteers than ever. We had over 50 volunteers this year, from all over the world. The more volunteers we have, the more animals we can treat, and the more areas of Galapagos we can treat, period.

- Our amazing volunteer vet teams have treated more types of issues than ever. From emergency cesarean sections, to life-saving amputation surgery, eye surgeries, surgical repairs from life-threatening car accidents or fights, to remarkably, more geriatric patients! More older patients means our veterinary care is having an effect on the animals, who are reproducing less and growing older. When we started DAD years ago, almost all our patients were young, because the animals reproduced constantly but lived short lives.

- Finally, our education and outreach programs have been in overdrive this year. We've taught countless clients about good animal care, and they've spread word to their friends. These programs are the basis for positive long-term change on the Galapagos. We've been able to shift our focus in a major way this year, from sterilization, to treating a wide variety of medical cases. This means the community is evolving, getting involved, and taking charge of their ecosystems' care through better animal care. We couldn't be more proud of this shift.

And we're starting 2014 with a bang. With long-term vet teams coming to Galapagos this January. But we need your help to make sure we can have permanent vet care every month of the year in 2014. We need your generous end-of-the-year donations to make sure that we can continue to bring in vets from around the world, to care for all the animals in this critical ecosystem. To make sure we can teach humane care to as many people on these islands as possible. And to make sure we can treat every type of issue damaging the ecosystems here due to invasive animal species.

Any donation makes a difference, as even one dollar goes a long way in the Galapagos! One dollar can mean a life-saving pill. Please consider this holiday season, giving one last charitable gift that can make a difference in this world.

Thank you all!

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