Major League Baseball Veggie Concession Updates
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May 2011

[Ed. Note: In 2000, Johanna attended a Major League Baseball (MLB) game and found no viable vegetarian menu options in the entire stadium. She realized that many fans were either bringing their own food or eating before or after the game because of the lack of options, so she decided to do something about it. She created Now 11 years later...30 Major League baseball parks now have vegan and/or vegetarian food available in their concessions stands. ONE person with an idea and some follow-through! ]


We have updated vegetarian menu listings for eight more MLB teams/ballparks. Be sure to check our Venue Reference Guide for updated concession listings! The new updates are for the Boston Red Sox, Colorado Rockies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Royals, Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays.

Only two of the above teams did not list veggie dogs on their menu: New York’s Yankees and Toronto’s Blue Jays. Yankee Stadium’s concession company, Legends Hospitality, has informed us that they are pricing and considering veggie dogs for their ballpark at this time. However, they are not certain of the real demand, so if you are a Yankee fan and you really want veggie dogs available there, be sure to contact the concession company with your suggestions and comments! Their contact information is included with Yankee Stadium’s menu listing in our Guide.

As for the Blue Jays’ Rogers Center, we are awaiting a confirmation that the veggie dogs are not on the menu, as they were there in previous seasons. They fared well there, too, so we’ll find out if the omission was a mistake, or if they truly have been removed. We’ll update that listing as soon as we find out, but for Blue Jays’ fans, the same goes for you: contact your concession company if you want to ensure they offer these options at the ballpark!

We welcome fan photos with your fave veggie items at the ballpark. We’ve got a growing album on Facebook, so send us your pix throughout the season!

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