Open Letter to PA State Senators and House Reps: Pass Law for Chained Dogs
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Tamira Thayne, Dogs Deserve Better
August 2010

"Iím here for their law. The chained dogs."
- Tamira C. Thayne

Knock, knock. Iím here for the law for the chained dogs? Youíve probably just been busy. I know how that goes, Iíve been busy too. But thing is, here we are almost at the end of another legislative session, and the dogs still have no law to protect them.

Itís not right.

So Iíve come to remind you. (We do still have free speech in PA, right? I'll find out. Note to my supporters, if I get arrested, can you send the ACLU over? Thanks.)

Iím here for their law.

I intend to stay awhile, and Iím hoping that, together, we can get this thing done. Time is short, and theyíve suffered enough.

Yeah, I know I should be doing other things. A million other things, like having a life, working on other Dogs Deserve Better campaigns. Rescuing chained dogs, one at a time, from those few who see the light or want a convenient place to dump their garbage. Even spending time with my family would be nice. Dinner for Schmucks just came out this weekóit looks really funnyóand the Carmike near my house has $1.00 sodas on Tuesday.

But, I canít get away from the nagging thought that theyíve still got nothing. Weíve waited six years for a law for them. Through HB1911, HB1065, HB1254, the Casorio/Caltigirone bill we were promised but never materialized this March, and now SB1435. Itís been exhausting!

I see this dog often, still waiting, in Cambria County, PA. To see dogs in many PA counties, visit our Wall of Shame. To submit a photo of a dog for the wall of shame, e-mail it to

And yet, here we are still without a tool to help them, and they are still suffering. Many waited their entire lives for help that never came, and have now turned to dust, having never known a kind word or the kiss of love.

Maybe it doesnít matter to you, but it matters to me, it matters to the majority of Pennsylvania dog lovers, and most importantly, it matters to them.

Have I mentioned yet how the chained dogs are suffering? As they suffer, I have decided to bring their suffering to you, because maybe you just have been too busy to notice. I'm sure if you did notice it, did comprehend the pain of living as they live day in and day out, you'd have taken the necessary action to end it by now.

As they remain shackled to one grassless spot 24 hours each day, I will stay chained in front of OUR Capitol (Yes, I believe the Capitol belongs to me too) for ten hours Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. As they go without food and water, so will I fast each week from Monday through Friday. And as they are subjected to the elements, so will I be drenched when it rains, wilt in the summer heat, and shiver in the cold of approaching winter.

So that you may begin to really UNDERSTAND their suffering, I am bringing it to you. Letís get this thing done. Iím here for their law. óTamira Ci Thayne, founder and CEO, Dogs Deserve Better

P.S. If you're looking for me, I'm the woman chained to the doghouse in front of the Capitol.

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