Center for Biological Diversity 48, Bush 0
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Center for Biological Diversity
January 2010

A settlement won by the Center for Biological Diversity this Monday brought us to a total of 48 victories in overturning corrupt Bush-era decisions harming 55 endangered species. Our latest success put the imperiled Sacramento splittail, a silvery minnow native to the San Francisco Bay-Delta, back on track for Endangered Species Act protection after the Bush administration chose politics over conservation and decided to remove the fish's protections -- which were originally won through a Center lawsuit.

Eight of our victories have reversed decisions to deny Endangered Species Act protections to species clearly threatened with extinction, including the Gunnison sage grouse, Hermes copper butterfly, and Mexican garter snake. We've also reversed decisions denying adequate "critical habitat" protections to 39 animals and plants, protecting millions of acres for species such as the Canada lynx (25 million) and California red-legged frog (1.8 million). We're still in court pursuing justice for seven species, including the West Virginia northern flying squirrel and the Everglades' Cape Sable seaside sparrow.

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