Cats Rescued From Restaurants by Chinese Activists
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Ocotober 2009

Shanghai Cat Protection Group, Fei Xiang Pet Home and the Shanghai police worked together to rescue hundreds of cats and arrest restaurant supplier.

Early morning of Sep 27th 2009, the rescuers from Shanghai Cat Protection Group (SCPG) and Fei Xiang Web- Pet Home, after 3 days and nights waiting in sleepless, finally found out – the catnapper’s main evil place for cats transfer and killing cats for the meat and the fur in a rental house in Baoshan District of Shanghai.

With Shanghai Police’ help, they broke the door after long time waiting and nobody was answering from inside.


There was one bag opened by the rescuers and 14 live cats (to be killed) are rescued. Three escaped when the bags were opened and 11 cats were adopted by SCPG rescuers.

Many more bags were opened and there were cats and dogs but:

No one was alive No one had their fur on their body All were bloody bodies with suffering faces. Are they being called money? Are they the best friends of the Human Being?

Bloody evil cat-nippers, killed those poor cats and dogs cruelly, got their fur off their body and sell them as meat.

So many of them, in this little house, died cruelly, they all came into the world happily; they came to our life dearly, they were running in every beautiful place, they gave all their love and trust to us…, some rescuers went off in a faint right after saw this horrible evil place.

When rescuers asked the questions, a catnapper was so violent as to use a spade to against the police and the rescuers.

Why those evil people who their career is killing the animals are so fearless?

The 3 cat-nippers were arrested to the Police Station with the rescuers. The officers from Shanghai Business Commercial Bureau and Shanghai Food Inspection Bureau were all came and confirmed this killing place was no any Hygiene License and no Quarantine Certificate.

In the same day, Sep 27th, Dong Fang Wei Shi had this news reported at their Evening Programme.

On Sep 28th, the websites of Sina, Sohu, News.qq had this news reported.

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