Animal Rights Protesters Bring Carcasses to Madrid
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December 2009

Activists from IgualdadAnimal displayed the carcasses of about 100 foxes, rabbits, minks, lambs, chickens and pigs in central Madrid Sunday in a protest against the treatment of animals.

national animal rights day madrid
Activists of the 'IgualdadAnimal' (Animals' Equality) organization hold dead animals during a demonstration for the abolition of animal slavery at the Puerta del Sol Square in Madrid.

The demonstrators, all dressed in white, gathered in the Puerta del Sol square, in the heart of the capital's tourist district, each carrying one of the dead animals.

The protest was called to mark International Animal Rights Day and "call attention to the terrible life that each of these animals seem to have," said the Animal Equality association, which organised protest.

"On December 10, Human Rights Day is celebrated around the world. For many years Animal Rights Day has also been celebrated, to show that animals that do not belong to the human species also deserve respect," it said in a statement.

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