Carbon Neutrality and Factory Farms
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Garland Eger

January 2008

Today I was Watching CNN because it's pretty much my Aunt and Uncles only source of news, and they were doing an article about a fisherman's competition that had decided to go "Carbon Neutral". In this article, the organizers of the event were talking about how many tons of carbon their gass-guzzling fishing boats produce. Ironically enough, they had not had their boat-motors converted into hybrids, but that they had paid $2700 for "Carbon-Neutral Credits" which pay for the cleanup and prevention of CO2 that is put into the atmosphere by factory Farms. I was amazed that they even showed that 3 or 4 second clip of six or more pigs stuffed in a tiny cage.

The point I am getting at, is that if those men wanted to be carbon-neutral, they would stop fishing, and would fight to close those factory farms, thus destroying the problem from its roots. So my question to you is does "Going Green" mean throwing money at a much bigger problem?

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