Can You Spare Five Minutes A Day?
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Saving Opus One
February 2009

If we spend five minutes a day what a difference we can make.

Like seriously, five minutes a day to do something towards the benefit of farm animals? If you feel that pigs, cows, chicken, ducks, sheep, goats, turkeys and emus are worth five minutes of your time (what farm animal are we forgetting?!) then here's a few ideas below. Do just one of these a day:

* Visit the myspace page of one of the animal orgs such as HSUS, Farm Sanctuary, HFA, IDA, ASPCA, PETA, others and check out their blogs for something they may need help with. There's always legislation working that needs a letter of your support, or an email that needs to be sent to a company conducting animal abuse.

* Share the reason you are vegan or vegetarian with a friend or a perfect stranger. The more people hear it the better.

* Send a donation, however small, to an animal organization. We love the work they do but they can't do it without our resources.

* Share the "Opus One" video with someone. It's here on our site under MEDIA. It's also on You Tube. Just search "Opus One Madison Park" and you'll find it. We love comments on the video on You Tube so feel free!

* Leave a comment for an animal org on their myspace thanking them for their hard work.

* If you know of a restaurant in your area that does not offer veggie friendly options, email or call them to ask that they start doing so.

* Email clothing companies who are still selling clothes with fur and ask that they stop.

* Whenever you hear of a company that is stepping up to the plate to make change for the good of animals, send them a quick email to thank them.

* If you find a restaurant locally who is offering Foie Gras or Veal on their menu, send them a polite email letting them know what the animals go through to become these dishes. Sometimes they have no idea and will actually pull them from the menu.

* Send an email to your local grocery store to thank them for the veggie options they offer. We need to keep these options coming and they like to hear from their customers.

* If you find a TV host offering a segment that speaks out for animals such as ELLEN interviewing Wayne Pacelle of HSUS about California's Proposition2, or Larry King who also interviewed Wayne, send a quick email to them for making that happen.

Remember, a small amount of time equates to big change! And a day where you do something is a day that feels right.

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