Bull Dog Mascot Dies at Age 4 from Heart Ailment
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November 2009


The animal rights group PETA says using a live bulldog contributes to the breedís health problems. It has written a letter to the University of Georgia to consider an alternative mascot.

An animal rights group has asked UGA to stop using a live bulldog as a mascot because it says it contributes to the breed's health problems. (photo by Frank Harris via Flickr) PETA suggests UGA use a robot dog or costumed mascot instead of the white English bulldogs traditionally used to represent the school at football games since 1956.

Last week, bull dog mascot Uga VII died at the age of 4 from a heart ailment.

PETA says the breed is prone to heart problems and other medical issues because of inbreeding.

The Athens Banner Herald reports that the universityís athletic director Damon Evans responded that the letter makes good points and deserve consideration but he promised no action.

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