Breaking News… 29 More Virginia Range Mustangs Rescued from Slaughter
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American Wild Horse Preservation
October 2012

They had lived in the hills of the famous old mining town in Virginia City for their entire lives. Now they found themselves crammed into pens at the Fallon Livestock Exchange, unaware of the terrible fate that awaited them if wild horse advocates were not successful in saving them.

But the advocates did not fail these Virginia Range horses, 29 in all, were saved from the cruelest of fates. Of the night, Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund reports:

All 29 wild horses picked up in Virginia City 2 weeks ago are now going to be safe and well taken care of. We spent more than the going rate again but the kill buyers and horses thieves didn’t get one of them!!!!

We should have pictures of them all in the next several days and will get those on our website (

Thank you again to all those who sent in their donations to rescue these beautiful horses!!!! There were a total of 4 foals, 12 mares, and 13 gelded stallions. They are mostly bays, but there is a black/gray appaloosa, a sorrel, and several black ones. And there are three yearlings and five 2 year olds.

They are all very beautiful and gentle creatures.

In the past two months, Nevada advocates have rescued 82 wild Nevada mustangs who were captured by the state from the Virginia Range, a mountain range that stretches from Reno to Carson City and beyond, and a place that wild horses have called home for more than a century.

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JJ and his mom jessie: Virgina Range mustangs saved from slaughter, find safe haven at Colorado sanctuary

Because they do not live on federal land, the Virginia Range horses are not protected by federal law. The state of Nevada, under the leadership of Governor Brian Sandoval, treats the historic and iconic mustangs like feral pests, capturing and removing them from their homes on the range, then dumping them at a livestock auction, where kill buyers purchase horses to ship to Mexican slaughterhouses.

It’s taken an outpouring of support from the wild horse community to save these horses. AWHPC supporters have been particularly generous, allowing us to send substantial funds to the local groups to underwrite this historic rescue. 

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