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Animal Rights Argentina
December 2012

On the 13th of December, 2012, an Argentinian animal rights organization, Ánima will hold a branding event in solidarity with all the victims of animal exploitation and in union with the original branding event in Tel-Aviv...269life - You Are Just a Number: Israeli Demonstration ’269′ Presents Human Branding to Connect to Animal Oppression.

This act is performed internationally in solidarity with all the victims of animal exploitation, and in cooperation with 269life.

With this public demonstration, we are unified with the Israeli branding event held on Oct 2th of this year in Tel-Aviv. Every day, our society attests old and new forms of subjection that reassert inequality and violation of the basic rights of individuals. Demanding attention above all else is the great ethical quandary of S.XXI: the pervasive and unjustified enslavement of animals. We use them daily for whatever purpose we see fit, without any valid justification for our callous actions. We believe that the animal rights movement needs to build a new society where prejudices and myths are exposed for what they are: excuses that together we can set aside. December 10 is the anniversary of the ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was chosen as the date for UDAR (Universal Declaration of Animal Rights) in order to reveal the hypocrisy inherent within the fact that these basic rights do not extend to non-human animals.

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