The Economy and 10 Billion Land Animals
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Gary Yourofsky on ADAPTT (Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow)
May 2010

Meat-eaters believe might-makes-right and money-trumps-morals when it comes to animal rights issues. Sadly, these thoughtless mindsets were the catalysts of black slavery in White America and Jewish servitude in Nazi Germany. American and German businesses profited handsomely from slavery until the majority of people realized morals should trump money. Slavery was then abolished and the Holocaust stopped. In those instances, freedom and justice far outweighed economic stability or financial ruin. The same ethics of freedom and justice should apply to animals. Jobs and profits don't justify animal slavery and animal murder.

Furthermore, there isn't even proof of a societal transformation to veganism damaging the economy. Vegans don't subsist on air. We eat food grown by farmers, packaged by factory workers, shipped by truckers to the grocery stores of America. We eat at restaurants where chefs cook the food, waiters serve it and dishwashers scrub the plates. We buy shirts, pants, shoes and jackets. We purchase cars, bikes and airline tickets to travel. We listen to music, watch TV, attend concerts and read newspapers. Vegans can be just as beneficial to the economy as meat-eaters. We simply want an ethical economy that harms no one.

Farmers who enslave and kill animals could easily transform their land back to its original purpose: the harvesting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. In a capitalist society, consumers dictate how businesses operate, from the products corporations produce to the items grocery stores sell. If you want pork chops, pigs will suffer and die. If you want soy dogs, nobody gets killed.

Vegetarian companies like Amy's and Boca aren't struggling to make ends meet. In fact, the vegan food industry is so profitable, ConAgra recently purchased Lightlife, Dean Foods acquired Silk, and Kraft bought Morningstar Farms. The animal industries are preparing for a vegan world. When times change, and killing animals for profit is considered every bit as obscene as enslaving blacks and Jews, people will still have jobs, and corporations will still make huge amounts of money.

As for the 10 billion land animals enslaved and killed in America every year, please don't think they will be running rampant through the city streets when everyone becomes vegan. The meat, dairy and egg industries artificially impregnate 10 billion land animals to satisfy the appetites of around 300 million Americans. Therefore, when people stop eating animal products, no company in a capitalist society will create a product [animals] that cannot sell. When each person stops eating animals, 3,000 fewer animals will be produced.

In the 21st century, around 300 million Americans eat 10 billion land animals. In the 22nd century, when only 150 million Americans eat animals, only 5 billion land animals will be killed. When just 75 million Americans eat get the picture. In 200-300 years, when America is vegan, there will only be a few thousand cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys left. At that point, you can set them free or give them a nice life at a sanctuary. The only other scenario is Smithfield, Tyson, ConAgra, Perdue and the other animal-killing conglomerates eradicating these animals completely. As a result, the only cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys left would be the ones already at sanctuaries. Extinction is a far better fate than perpetual misery and endless murder.

It takes all social justice movements hundreds, if not thousands of years to achieve their goals of freedom. It took 400 years to end slavery. Women were given the right to vote just 85 years ago. Segregation wasn't abolished until the '60s. Sadly, the world is not going vegan overnight, so worrying about space for 10 billion land animals isn't even an issue.

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