Victory for the Baxter Chimps
An Animal Rights Article from


Four Paws
November 2009

Many thanks for your impressive support! More than 16,500 people joined our appeal to Baxter. With your assistance it was possible to stop the transfer of the long-suffering former laboratory apes to a zoo in Hungary.

Our efforts paid off. All of the "Baxter chimpanzees" will remain in Austria, and the groups will not be torn apart. The necessary financing for the care of the apes is in place, and the necessary outside enclosures will finally be built.

It is therefore safe to assume that, based on current information, the housing of the apes is ensured for the next twenty years.

Brief history:

Forty-one chimps abused by Immuno/Baxter in HIV and Hepatitis research were destined to be sent to a zoo in Hungary.

The chimps have been ruined physically and mentally for the interests of the pharmaceutical companies for years. Sending some of them to a zoo would have been more cruelty for them to endure.

This campaign was successful. All the chimps will remain together in a sanctuary.

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