Last Bastion of Morality
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Diana Moreton, on Animal Rights Online
December 2009

Animal rights is the last bastion of morality. For at the root of animal suffering lies all the hypocrisies, justifications and rationalizations mankind can whip up all in the name of Allah. You will not stand with a group before Him; and the association you belonged to on Earth will not matter. Perhaps the buzzard who believes what his granddaddy said, will genuinely reconsider someday. He will use his own brain after realizing life is always the best path to take.

All the ails of society find their root in animal abuse. Whether it be food, medical, industry, technology, entertainment, or any other violent act committed in the dark, these are direct moral repercussions of mankind's collective choice to ignore vast animal suffering they perpetuate. The danger lies in complete denial of it's existence. It is as much to his own detriment and the planet's, as it is to the animal he just had killed for him.

This has induced a stupor in millions of people all over the planet. Most possess the actual inability to think or feel for anybody except themselves or their immediate family (in itself is an act of selfishness). We have been taught to be selfish from the beginning. Those who realize this may decide to get out of the selfish loop and live lives of selflessness instead. This means they give up for the rest of the selfish people who refuse to. They do all the sacrificing, educating, and real praying, because the selfish people are busy running to fast foods and supermarkets to buy tortured animal parts commonly referred to as hamburgers, steaks and pork chops; decimating what is left of the planet in this process.

Since mankind chose to separate himself from nature and animals because he feels superior and he feels good about exploiting and butchering, instead of defending and protecting, he can no longer care, therefore, in any kind of a healthy manner for each other. The consummation of animal flesh induces hostility and fear, which helps to perpetuate a violent society. For it is anger and fear that is the last hormone that rose to the top in agony as a victimized animal was finally dragged and beaten to death under the cruel hand of the torturer. Humans have become like unfeeling, unthinking bumper cars. They let the government do their thinking for them. They are automotons and robots of the medical industry. This is another area in which the government spins a golden web around another branch of science. It is up to the public to wake one another up, to join together for their own health and the health of the planet. We must break this thick veil of deception and speak the truth among one another with genuine concern, about the torture and slaughter of the innocents for unhealthy food. We must break the spell and quit collectively thinking the consummation of diseased animals who were tortured to death is moral or acceptable behavior in any sense. We must stop speaking out of both sides of our mouths.

Because of the crimes committed against sentient beings, so like ourselves, I can only offer up one call; guilty. For ‘might makes right gave us the right' to turn morality off after we kiss the cat and dog goodnight! I stand an innocent vegan now, and proclaim I am sick and tired of the cruel oppressor telling me HE is offended. It is he who must get with the moral program, or get out! He thinks he can continue to stifle the cries and screams from the slaughterhouses of torture and pain. We have come out of our cultural closet and refuse to buckle under the cruel hand of the oppressor. One day laws shall pass that give all animals their right to be free from the cruel human tormentor. Since all of mankind's woes stem from animal consumption (the highest form of animal abuse) we will have healed most of mankind's ailments and afflictions simply by not eating animals. But mankind, cannibalistic as he is, will probably succumb to the worst choice. He would have completed the circle of life and found his way back to happiness and the Garden.

My heart wrenches daily to find some acceptableness to this traumatic phenomena, but I am always left baffled with a worse feeling of remorse and sadness for them. How conveniently they turn off feelings and thoughts toward cows, pigs, chickens, etc., but embrace with zeal the love of dogs and cats because of 'culture'. The animals they eat have the ability to love too. I am baffled at it's enormity, it's blatant disrespect for all life; human life, too, with the horrible diseases it creates! Animals have had no voice until now.

We live in a death-denying world. We do everything we can to avoid the topic of finality, especially when it comes to animals, since they have been chosen to be the ultimate human scapegoats! The public doesn't want to know slaughterhouses exist. They are far, far removed. It is up to us to bring the slaughterhouse message home and make them suffer the very same mentally and emotionally. This is nothing compared to the torment they put their own individual victim animal through (this is always one on one, but meateaters know they need to hide behind groups called religion, culture, and tradition) simply to satisfy a five minute hunger buzz with something called a hamburger at some place called McDonald's.

Mankind will promote any diversions and tactics to stay out of the know when it concerns animal butchery and their continual moribund health because of this practice. One has only to take a look at the facades of the fast foods to know that horrible cruelty lurks behind all the primary colors of childhood. To discuss one would be to discuss the other. There is a wide psychological gap strategically set up and most don't have the courage or desire to cross that bridge and unite with their suffering. Since walls have been built up over centuries concerning this topic, it is not an easy one to publicly penetrate and discuss. Prevarication has always been part of the genuine makeup in the oppressive act over the animal kingdom in the first place. That is why our voices are penultimate. The oppressor knows that without other humans speaking up, everything would be nice and cozy as they gallop to the graves with heart disease, rapidly destroying the planet in the process.

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