Badger Cull 2013
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League Against Cruel Sports
June 2013

The badger cull has been planned by the Government in reaction to the continuing problem of bovine tuberculosis (TB) and is due to begin in two trial areas - West Somerset and West Gloucestershire - in June.

badger cull tuberculosis

The Government remains committed to going ahead with the cull this summer, despite widespread opposition and the fact that the cull will have a minimal impact on the disease, but a maximum, negative, destructive impact on one of our best loved creatures.

With the lives of potentially thousands of badgers once more under threat, the League, our partner organisations and our supporters remain committed to ensuring the cull doesn’t go ahead and is abandoned for good in favour of vaccinating badgers and developing an effective bovine TB vaccine.

Vaccination has already been a proven success in Wales, where well over 1,400 badgers have already been protected against bovine TB as part of a five year programme of work to eradicate TB completely.

The Welsh initiative reflects the constructive alternative to culling that the League, along with Team Badger, is calling for. It also demonstrates the co-operation that is possible between the farming industry and government in taking swift, positive and decisive action against the spread of Bovine TB.

The cull has already been postponed from last October, following a sustained and comprehensive campaign that involved numerous organisations, including the League, our supporters and our Team Badger partners. In addition, a parliamentary debate at the time resulted in an overwhelming vote of 147 to 28 against the cull.

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