Baby Whale Bacon
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December 2010

"Baby whales are more tender, so the crew keeps that meat for themselves. They are perfect for unesu (whale bacon)."

This shocking witness testimony came from an ex-whaler at the trial of two Greenpeace Japan activists who were recently prosecuted in Tokyo for exposing corruption within Japan's supposedly "scientific" whaling program.

Despite the overwhelming evidence brought forward at the trial, the Japanese whaling fleet is now steaming toward the Southern Ocean with plans to kill more baby whales for whale bacon.

The key to ending Japanís taxpayer-funded whale hunt lies with the Japanese people, 95% of whom never or rarely eat whale meat and 69% of whom do NOT support whaling in the Southern Ocean.

Thatís why Greenpeace is rallying public support within Japan to stop the slaughter, in addition to pressuring President Obama to fulfill his campaign promise of "strengthening the international moratorium on commercial whaling."

Although Greenpeace fought tirelessly to pass the international whaling moratorium in 1986, the Japanese government continues to take advantage of a loophole in ban, which allows for "lethal scientific research."

However, what the Greenpeace Japan activists exposed during their Tokyo trial is the fact that Japanís "science" is nothing more than a whale meat embezzlement scandal in disguise.

Now, as weíve seen reported in news outlets around the world, Japan is buying votes at the International Whaling Commission to have the whaling moratorium overturned so that they no longer have to hide behind the veil of "science."

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