Austria Cracks Down on Animal Maltreatment
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May 2004

A unanimous vote by lawmakers in Austria's parliament Thursday put the European country in the lead with regards to animal rights.

Under the newly approved Austrian law:

  • farmers are no longer permitted to cage poultry
  • only free-range poultry can be bought or sold
  • invisible fences are banned
  • canines can no longer be chained outside
  • choke collars and other negative training materials are banned
  • ears and tails can no longer be cropped unless medically necessary
  • exotic animals are not to be sold
  • rare, exotic and endangered species cannot be employed into circus acts or any other type of entertainment
  • cattle may no longer be bound by rope
  • animals will no longer be used in sport
  • pet store animals must be removed from front windows, where they are subjected to constant sunrays

As of January 2005, those found guilty of mistreating animals, killing an animal, or violating the current regulations, will be fined anywhere from $2,000 up to $18,000. Severe cases may require jail-time at the discretion of the court.

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