At last the Dog and Cat Fur Trade has ended in The European Union
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Lucy O'Neil, Student
Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh, Scotland
June 2007

The horrific trade in cat and dog fur is about to meet its waterloo. Millions of EU citizens who signed petitions, sent e-mails and wrote letters during an eight- year campaign have persuaded Europe's political law-makers to act.

It is estimated this more than two million cats and dogs killed in China each year. They are killed cruelly for their fur.

These little furry kittens in tiny wicker baskets are on sale in gift shops in almost every country in Europe. They are the kind of gifts animal lovers love. They buy them for their kids or their friends as a present, not realising they could be made from real dog and cat skins.

In countries such as China killing cats and dogs is the norm.

Cats are strangled to death outside their cages whilst other cats look on to see their death as well. Dogs are noosed with wires and slashed across their groins until dead because of their bleeding and their throats are slashed. Cats and dogs are reared for their meat rather then their fur.

The real winners will be the dogs and cats that face death every year in China for the European fur market. It has now been banned.

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