No Pain In My Name
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Animal Rights Coalition (ARC)
September 2011

Why are we here? We are addicts, former addicts and people whose loved ones have struggled with addiction - those for whose supposed benefit these unnecessary and sadistic experiments are being performed. In other words, they are torturing these beings in our name, but we are here to say "No more". (See their videos.)

Twenty-five years. The money keeps flowing. The drugs keep coming. The animals keep suffering. Help bring these horrors to an end!

A new ARC website, No Pain In My Name, is now live. The site exposes Marilyn Carroll's outrageous experiments at the University of Minnesota in which she “researches” the effects of drug addiction by training monkeys and rats to self-administer drugs that humans misuse such as cocaine, heroin, and alcohol.

Marilyn Carroll has been at this over a quarter of a century and has caused untold suffering to thousands of sentient animals imprisoned in her laboratory.

In her own words, here is one of her stunning findings: "Behavioral methods that are proving effective are enriching the environment with alternative nondrug reinforcers; for example, food and sweet-tasting drinking solutions."

Yes, folks, that's what our tax dollars are funding.

The No Pain In My Name site gives voice to the community this "research" is supposedly benefiting: addicts, recovered addicts, and the people who love them. The underlying idea for the No Pain In My Name project is that if drug studies are really intended to benefit addicts, then the people who have been affected by drug addiction should be able to decide whether these studies continue.

If you have been affected by drug addiction and would like to share your story for this project, please contact us.

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