IFA Plans Two New Projects to Help Animals in Ethiopia
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


International Fund for Africa (IFA)
November 2014

Most recently, IFA's attention has been focused on spreading the health benefits of veganism and overcoming the hunger and malnutrition that plagues young schoolchildren each day in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, IFA's dedication to the non-human animals in Ethiopia has not waned.

IFA is pleased to announce two new projects that should begin in the in the near future. The first focuses on ongoing efforts to find land for a donkey and horse sanctuary, where old or homeless animals could peacefully live out the remainder of their lives rather than facing abandonment, abuse, or hunger on the streets.

Secondly, IFA plans the establishment of a mobile vet clinic that will treat dogs that are either homeless or belong to low-income families unable to afford veterinary services. The initial phases of these endeavors are under way, and IFA looks forward to providing you updates in the future.

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