The Relationship Between Animal Studies And Animal Advocacy: A Review
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Anna Bruvere, Faunalytics
October 2018

This review examines what role animal studies scholars should take in animal advocacy—by asking animal studies scholars themselves.

This paper reviews the findings of an online survey conducted to determine the attitudes of animal studies scholars toward animal advocacy. While the survey topics were wide-ranging, this paper reviews only the following three interrelated topics: the animal scholars’ opinions on what role animal studies should play in animal advocacy; the scholars’ personal commitments to animal advocacy; and how their attitudes toward animal advocacy differed depending on whether they eat animals or not.

The survey was open to anyone who identified as an animal studies scholar. The participants were asked to describe their dietary habits and were then split into two categories: vegans and non-vegans. This categorization might seem restrictive, but given the variety with which one can exclude animal products from one’s life, it was most suitable to test for statistically significant results.

To read the entire study, visit The Relationship Between Animal Studies And Animal Advocacy: A Review on Faunalytics.

Anna Bruvere is currently working towards her undergraduate degree in English Language/Linguistics and Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. Anna took an interest to animal welfare when taking an ethics course in Philosophy. In her free time, she likes to read, run, or go rock climbing.

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