New Animal Clinic a First for Tibetans in Exile
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From Help Animals India
September 2013

Help Animals India is raising funds to support a new animal rescue and veterinary clinic in deep South India run by Tibetan Volunteers for Animals (TVA). Your donations have already helped build the clinic.

Decades ago, the Indian government was kind enough to give refuge to the Tibetans fleeing the Chinese invasion. Byalukuppe, the site of TVA's We CARE Animal Rescue Clinic, is one such area.

We are so thrilled. We CARE Animal Rescue Clinic is the first of its kind within South India's Tibetan community. One of the saddest situations is having nowhere to turn when an animal is in need - even a companion animal. Thanks to TVA's We CARE Animal Rescue Clinic, that's all changed now.

Now that We CARE Animal Rescue Clinic is up and running, help TVA keep it going! It's the start of something we hope will spread!

Help Animals India animal clinic Tibet
These adorable rescued residents of We CARE Animal Rescue Clinic always sleep together like this.

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