Action for Animals 2009 Feedback
An Animal Rights Article from


Action For Animals (AFA)
January 2010

A few of the  2009 responses from Action for Animals' website, Facebook and MySpace pages...

"WOW! You guys are really making a difference in this world! I respect and support that SO much! I'm gonna do EVERYTHING I can to be a vegan too! After watching those videos, I wanted to cry so much! I felt so bad that I was basically participating in torturing animals by eating an egg or a piece of chicken! I feel terrible for it...but I'm gonna change it! YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! Our animals couldn't ask for more!"
- Katie, 13, Colorado

"I will do as much as I can in my power to save the animals. I feel that you are starting to make a big change in the society! I'm going veggie!"
- Cheyenne, 13, Colorado

"Two weeks vegan so far! Thank you for opening my eyes!!! It's really not hard to change your ways when someone opens your eyes to what happens to the animals so you can eat them....... NOT WORTH IT... plus I feel sooo much healthier already!!! THANK YOU!"
- Amber, 19, Nevada

"Thank you so much for all you are doing for animals!! You're the reason I'm now a vegan and I've told all my friends to look at your MySpace!! Keep up the good work and ignore anyone that says what you're doing is stupid!!!"
- Hannah, 18, Queensland, Australia

"I've been a vegetarian before, but your friendship has prompted me to try it again, and hopefully, stick to it. And eventually become a full vegan."
- Jessie, 19

"I am never touching meat again [after seeing MySpace page]."
- Sara, 14, Washington

"That video you sent me, brought me to tears. I cannot believe the things animals go though! I'm going to do as much as I can."
- Kelli, 14, Colorado

"Sorry to report I am not a vegan but I am willing to try after seeing all that. It effected me and I wanna help."
- Dani, 14, Illinois

"Me and my sister are trying to become vegetarian. Your info helped a lot, so thank you. I'm actually planning on asking my school's librarian if I can put up a display to help the cause."
- Jeanne, 14, Arizona

"You guys really changed my views to see what animals are going through and i realize its wrong what they do. I'm [now] vegan and I will support you 100 percent."
- Tyler, 15, Pennsylvania

"I watched your videos and they made me cry! I want to become a vegan and I'm going to try. When I first became a vegetarian my mom was kind of mad because she didn't think I was getting the foods I needed. But I showed her the videos on your profile and she said she's going to become one! Thank you so much for the information on the animals. I'm going to get my friends to add you so we can spread the word on animal abuse."
- Rennae, Ohio

"I am newly a vegetarian and thinking about being vegan after I saw the video it like changed my life I can't look or think about meat the same ever again!"
- Dani, 15, California

"Thank you for all that information! And no I'm not a vegan...I eat meat.. but after viewing your page and watching those horrid videos, I don't think i even want to eat meat [again]!"
- Jessi, 14, Alabama

"Thanks to your helpful videos my family and I haven't had meat for a month and a half. And it's great!! Thanks for informing me on how they treat the animals in the slaughter house...Well take care and thanks again."
- Stefanie, 17, Florida

"Thanks for the flyer at the [Fall Out Boy / Cobra Starship] concert! You opened my eyes! Absolutely amazing!"
- Anonymous Male, 16, Washington

"I watched your video and what they do to animals really shocked and horrified me. It made me feel guilty for eating meat and I have FULLY decided not to eat meat."
- Makayla, 17, South Carolina

"Wow I am in love with your site! Its amazing, and I love what you stand for. I'm a vegetarian right now but I aspire to become a vegan. I'm even thinking about buying a farm when I'm older and saving some animals from becoming someone's dinner! They should never have to go through that. I mean, can you imagine if that was happening to kindergartners or something?!?! People would freak! But if it happens to animals who can't defend themselves, it's somehow acceptable. I am going to put up some of those things [videos and images from our MySpace page] on my own page. Who knows maybe I will inspire someone like you have inspired me."
- Kat, 16, California

"Thank you [for your support and advice], starting today, I pledge to be a vegan."
- Almira, 14, Illinois

"I have been an animal lover all my life and I have seen videos of animal abuse, but when I just saw that video and that cow hanging upside down with his throat slashed, and still alive, that just made me livid. I'm crying right now. No, I am not a vegetarian, but I am going to try and eat less meat and become one. I promise for the animals." (and later) "I showed my mom some of the videos on your profile and she flipped! She's vegetarian now. And she thought I was stupid when I went vegan."
- Alyssa, 16

"You inspire me to be vegetarian."
- Paige, 14, Idaho

"Just giving up meat is hard, but I am slowly doing it... I hate this animal testing/killing/cruelty which is why I am trying. I gave up pork because I saw them kill a pig, and I am giving up all other meat now thanks to you guys!"
- Lauren, 15, California

"I used to not eat meat in front of my friend because she was a vegetarian. Now this is just for the animals."
- Becca, 14, Florida

"Wow, you did a great job creating the [What's Wrong with Dairy & Eggs] flyer. It was absolutely phenomenal. After reading it I am pretty disgusted with myself and have too gone vegan."
- Kaila, 16, Michigan

"Since I've been on your [MySpace] profile and seen your sad videos, I've cut back on eating animal products. I really like what your site is doing to help save animals."
- Seth, 14, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Thanks for the help [in going vegan]. :) I showed my parents the printouts. And also the egg farm video. I think they understand now. They even tried tofu. Which they hate. But I love. I'm now 100 percent vegan, thanks so much. They were worried about my bones, because I'm very athletic, but since they read the article, they are cool. Thanks for all the help."
- Alyssa, 16, Michigan

"I think my friend wants to be a vegetarian as well, so we can do it together."
- Christine, TX

I could barely watch Free Me because that was so sad! I will never eat meat again! Even when I look at bacon all I am going to think of is that they were treated badly and I am not going to eat anything for Easter that is meat! I love animals and they should not be treated [like] that! And I mean what kind of job do you want to have killing poor pigs and chickens and cows."
- Amber, 12, New York

"I truly think this might be a life change experience, I'm going to try and become a vegetarian"
- Cristine, 15, Texas

"Oh my goodness... wow. That's horrible. Thanks for showing that to me. I didn't realize how harsh animals are treated."
- Keri, 16, South Carolina

"Hey, I have been a vegetarian for a little while now like 2 months I watched you Meet Your Meat video, I will never again in my life eat milk or meat or cheese eggs, anything that has to do with animals, you have made a huge impact on my life, thanx."
- Olivia, 17, Massachusetts

I watched "Meet Your Meat" and it was horrible. The thing I know is that after Easter, I'm going go vegetarian, and save the lives of cute little animals... My sister is a vegetarian, she has been for over a year, and she seems to be able to do it. So, Action for Animals... I will take action for animals, and go veg!!!!!"
- Madison, Pennsylvania

"I am going to try my hardest to be Vegan, thanks for opening my eyes! You guys are so much help!"
- Kasey, 14, Illinois

Thanks, Dave. I'm gonna show my mom the [Tips for Parents] blog tomorrow, and the accidentally vegan list next time we go shopping. I've been thinking about going vegan for quite a while now and your MySpace definitely gave me the push I needed."
- Rachel, 15, Idaho

"OMG that's so sad [the way chickens are slaughtered] I'm soo turning into a vegetarian!"
- Chelsy, 13, Virginia

"Guess what. I just got one more person to become vegetarian. I gave [her] the websites you gave to me and I also told her the foods that I liked. Thanks for giving me tips to help people become vegetarian or vegan."
- Jocelynn, 14, Illinois

"So just thought I'd let ya'll know me and my friend decided to be vegetarians. We like ask each other everyday "what did you eat?" We're working our way to vegans."
- Becca, 13, Illinois

"I just finished watching Earthlings [on your page], OMG I cried, I feel so bad for all the animals, I have been vegetarian for about 6mths now and working my way to vegan, and this is just the extra boost I needed. I wish I could save them all. I wish there was more for me to do for them, its just not right."
- Nakisha, 28, Ohio

- Anonymous Female, 29. New York

"I saw those videos and they just made break down and cry. I was so hurt, and angered by what those people do to animals. It really made me mad, because I realized that I am contributing to this cruelty along with other meat eaters out there. I am considering becoming vegan, because I am an animal lover and I want to make a difference. Most importantly for my health too. Keep up the good work, and I hope you guys inspired, and keep inspiring other people like me to become vegans!"
- Ashley, 15, California

"I am feeling loads better now. Vegan diets are easy to follow now. I thought it would be hard but now its so easy and I've noticed I'm more happier eating vegan meals. And I've now turned 3 friends veggie."
- Barbie, 17, United Kingdom

"Okay well today I am gonna try to become a vegan and help all of those poor animal's. Thanks for the inspiration."
- Katie, 13, Pennsylvania

"You have me second thinking eating meat."
- Heather, 14

"You recently added me on MySpace. And well, I just got around to really viewing your webpage. Some of the videos I have seen are DISGUSTING. I have now made the life changing decision to become vegan."
- Amber, 15, Washington

"I think what you're doing is amazing and you have really touched me in what you are doing and its just inspiring. I'm really gonna try to stop eating meats and dairy."
- Victoria, 15, Georgia

"I had a great time passing them [Go Green, Go Vegan flyers] out! I gave them out at the grocery store and the hospital, and the leftovers I gave to my speech class when I did a vegetarian related project. I really got a lot of positive response!"
- Lindsay, Florida

"You are seriously my hero this article was so enlightening. I've been wanting to go vegan for about 11 months and after reading this I'm so much more informed of the importance of a healthy vegan diet... thank you so much"
- Angela, 18, Oregon

"I never thought about the plant protein being the only protein we need. I know that it is more sensible to raise a plot of land with grain and feed it directly to humans instead of feeding it to animals and then eating the animal. I never really thought of the protein transfer though... That is a really strong point. ... I never plan to eat meat ever again, but I do plan to take the step to vegan."
- Alex, 20, Wisconsin

"What you guys are doing is absolutely amazing!! With watching these videos I am disgusted with what those people do and that I have contributed by not being a vegan throughout my life. But you have changed one life...and 100 animals lives per year through me! I am going to become a vegan!!"
- Nikki, 19

"Today I'm becoming a vegan thanks to your DVD. THANK YOU!!"
- Anonymous Female, 32, California

"I haven't eaten meat in three days cuz of that video."
- Anonymous Female, 16, Washington

"I can't say that I am [vegetarian], but now I am really considering it [after seeing MySpace page]. I looked up more animal slaughter videos on Youtube, they all made me cry and I'm going to become a vegetarian now."
- Fawn, 17, Wisconson

"I have been looking at your page, and it made me cry to watch all the videos you have on there! Can you please message me and tell me ways I can help?" (and after our reply) "No, I am not vegan. But I think I may become one!"
- Kaytlin, 14, Texas

"Hey you guys its really great that there are people caring for animals. Keep up the good work." (and after our reply with info on veganism and helping animals) "I am now a vegetarian."
- Christina, 15, California

"I am a vegetarian already but the info that you put on your page makes me want to become vegan."
- Lauren, 18, Florida

"Just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know that we handed out quite a few of your "What's wrong with dairy and eggs" info sheets at our vegan bake sale the last two days. It's a great handout!!"
- Becky

"OMG that Free Me video made me so sad! It makes me wanna do exactly what those people did to those poor helpless animals and do it to them. That is sooo wrong. I never really thought about how I got my food till I watched that and it made me sick."
- Melina, 17, Texas

"You are truly amazing and should very very proud of what you stand for. You have inspired me to stop eating meat and dairy products. Thank you."
- Holly, 14, Georgia

"I just got back from New York and one of the museums I went to had people from Action for Animals, handing out a lot of fliers and magazine things. The handing out of all the things you had sent me went great. I know that people read them, and there are stickers everywhere, they put them on binders, books, and I told them to put it on their shoes, and about ten people started being vegetarians."
- Nicolette, 14, Oregon

"This [video] is the saddest thing ever. I never want meat ever again."
- Kacee, 14, California

"Thank you so much for posting this. Although I am mainly vegetarian, I have still been eating fish from time to time. Watching these videos was a great wake-up call for me. I think I shall no longer eat fish at ALL."
- Linella, 50, Georgia

"I always thought it was dumb of people not to eat meat but now that I know all this it makes me feel bad. I have tried before to become vegetarian just to see how hard it was but now I will try my hardest because I honestly cannot put a piece of meat in my mouth without thinking of the things that poor animal went through to get to my plate."
- Karen, Washington

"I'm not a vegan, I do eat meat. But, after looking at your page, I think I'm going to try and eat less, and maybe quit altogether."
- Jackie, 17, Ohio

"I watched these videos I felt like so bad, I spit out my chicken nuggets... Because of you guys I have tons of respect for veggies and vegans. I pray for the animals. I don't know if my dad will let me stop eating meat, but I'll try my hardest to stop I promise that. You guys are great for what you do."
- Kasey, 14, Illinois

"Just from looking at your pictures [on your web page], I decided I'm going to go vegan"
- 14, Florida

"I watched the videos and looked at the pictures and it totally changed my thinking, I don't think I will be eating meat for a long time. How do I make sure none of my clothes are made from animals?"
- Autumn, 15, Florida

"My mother has been giving me a lot of moral support. She started buying me meats that really have no meat in them [fake soy meat]. They totally taste the same. I'm just going to take my time and I'm urging my friends and family to join me. I'm showing everyone I know the "free me" video because that's what really turned my life around. Thanks for showing me how animals suffer."
- 16, Arizona

"Today, I am now a vegetarian. I am so much more aware of the torture that these poor animals go through. That 'Meet your Meat' video really made me open my eyes on just how cruel those slaughterhouses are. Thank you for posting those videos!"
- Francesca, 16, Indiana

"I love the [Tips for Parents] journal. I think it probably will be of great help! I'll print it and show it to my parents. and I will print more copies for my friends. I hope they can learn something from the journal, and maybe become vegetarians."
- Suki, 17, Shanghai, China

"Wow! I never knew there were fake meats and stuff. So I figure... starting with next week (so I can start fresh) I'll try to go vegetarian. I think another reason that it was difficult is because I'm in high school and I hardly ever have time to make my lunch, so I always eat stuff from my cafeteria... but I figure now I can just get a fake meat and get a sandwich I would normally order and just have it without meat and put on my fake meat. Thank you!"
- Anonymous Male, 16, New Jersey

"That's so cruel...I just watched 'Meet Your Meat' and I think I'm done trying to become vegan...I just became one." "
- 15, New York

"I have been Completely Vegan for a month and 15 days. And all because I saw your guy's site. What can I do to help spread awareness?"
- Mya, 15, Montana

"I just wanted to say you guys are amazing. I just watched "Meet Your Meat," the video on your profile, and i was like, "Woah." ... I was very impressed with that video though, and I am seriously thinking about going veg."
- Sara, 16, Wisconsin

"Thanks so much for recommending those sites [ and]. I found one that I'm going to make -- it's called Mini Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cakes and another one called Banana Muffins -- so my family doesn't eat meat stuff for breakfast!" (and later) "It went great! I made the muffins by myself and they were really good and my family loved them too! So I'm really proud of myself for doing that and my family has been asking me to make them again!"
- Alejandra, 15, New York

"I never noticed how people treated animals that bad, I'm gonna go vegan."
- Sara, 18, North Dakota

"How can people do that to animals. I am only 13 and I want to help so bad. People need to think twice about how these animals feel. They wouldn't like it if they were those poor, innocent animals. I almost cried when I saw "Free Me." I have a pet and I would absolutely hate it if they did something like that to my pet. Those animals did nothing wrong."
- Naommi, 13, Ohio

"Today, I came to your myspace, not knowing that it would change my life. Now, I am crying in front of my computer because of what I have just seen. I didn't know any of this. And no one I know knows it either. I've had no idea what animals go through.... I'm telling everyone."
- Sarah, 13, North Carolina

"When I saw the video on your page, I knew I wanted to watch it, but then again I KNEW I shouldn't because I know how [upset] I get. I haven't even finished watching it yet and I am so disturbed. I cant stop crying... I really love meat, but I can honestly say I think I just became a vegetarian."
- Anonymous, 18, Illinois

"Thanks for the [MySpace friend] request, the video touched me, I'm completely vegan now."
- Samantha, 14, Ohio

"I've been a vegetarian for two years, but after seeing your page, I went straight vegan."
- Renee, 15 Louisiana

"Thanks for sending me that video, it really touched me... What u do is really amazing. And I really liked meat and everything but after you showed me that video I thought about it and said I am done eating meat. Thanks again."
- Braylin, Missouri

"What a great website [] you guys offer for the cause. Providing vegan starter packs and printable PDFs to hand out is an awesome idea!"
- Chris, California

"I'm thinking about going vegan after reading your page and blog."
- Anonymous Male, Florida

"OMG! I think I'm going to be vegetarian now [after seeing your page]! I don't see how people eat animals, it's so sad... I am glad you made a myspace page about this!"
- Sabrina, 13, Virginia

"I ate completely vegan today for the first time and I'm so excited!"
- Carrie, Minnesota

"Thank you for all the info, I'm going VEGAN!"
- Maggie, 18, Texas

"I love your plans of action, I'm becoming a vegetarian. I'll help spread the word."
- Shelby, 18, California

"I am going to try my hardest to go vegan. I've never been a big fan of meat.. but I had no idea what the animals went through for milk and eggs as well. I've been reading a lot since your friend requested me and I'm so thankful you did. I'm going to have a newborn soon and the only milk she'll be getting is from me! I don't know how much help it is but I edited my page a little and hopefully my friends will pay attention. Thank you so much for opening my eyes."
- Merk, 20, New York

"OMG I didn't knowe they abused them. I sooo totally want to stop eating meat I didn't know they did that to them!"
- Jennifer, 17, Florida

"That video made me tear up! That's horrible. I'm definitely gonna try and go vegan now!" (and later) "Thanks so much [for all the information and advice on going vegan]. It really does help, I have no idea how to became vegan. But I really do hope I learn and become better at it as time goes on. I have a strong love, and passion for animals; and I want to do all I can to help them out. That video, just really changed my mind about everything. It was very intense, and I had tears in my eyes."
- Morgan, Michigan

"I've been buying the cage free/free range eggs for a few years now thinking that the chickens were happy and free to roam, but after seeing this [your Free-Range Myth blog] I never will again."
- Frances, 17, California

"I have a huge heart for animals and I cant stand to see them like this. I cried so much when I watched the video. Me and my sister are now vegetarian."
- Desiree, New Jersey

"I'm eating less meat since following you [on Twitter]. I feel guilty buying it. Love cats and dogs but forgot about other animals." "
- Lynn, New Mexico

"WOW! I watched that video and it made me cry! No more meat for me ever again."
- Tessa, 17, Ohio

"Hey I totally agree what they are doing to these poor animals is totally wrong and I promise and happily announce I am now a vegetarian after seeing the horrible things."
- Anonymous Male, 15, Idaho

"I've never been one to adopt pets from breeders, shopping malls or shady places and such, but rather from shelters, rescue leagues, and pounds. I always thought I was doing my part to protect animals. Getting them spayed or neutered, providing them with a great home and a loving family...but I just finished viewing your video "Earthlings" and had an epiphany. I'm not doing the slightest bit to protect animals. Why? I eat meat. After watching all of the gruesome clips of puppy mills, slaughterhouse techniques, seeing the pain and torture that these animals endure from the moment they are brought into this world, and the abuse of animals that people take part in I am left sitting here at my desk crying, weakened throughout my entire body and thoroughly disgusted and angry at anyone who takes part in this process. I am sooo done with meat! I think if everyone were able to see the evil side of slaughter, abuse, neglect, and horrible pain that these animals go through on a daily basis, everyone would go vegan. This is an amazingly empowering and effective video. Thank you for opening my eyes to this and helping me make a change for the better. Muchos kudos to you."
- Nicole, 19, Pennsylvania

"Okay I know I have eaten meat... but I'm done! After [watching] these videos I can't even stand the thought of it. I love love love animals and think that it's horrible what people do to other living things. It's not our job or place to be torturing living creatures. I love what you guys stand for. Count me in"
- Ali, 13, Wisconsin

"Every movie on your profile invoked tears. I'll do what I can to help."
- Alicia, 17, NSW, Australia

"Wow I can't believe all this is going on. It's horrible. Thank you for all of the information. This makes me so much more aware of everything. I don't like meat or milk anyways, so I thought that I wasn't doing any harm. But now learning this new information and stuff, makes me want to cut eggs and other dairy too."
- Nicole, 17, Michigan

"Oh my God.... I can't believe that this was going on. I had no idea tha they treated animals like that. It is so inhumane and morbid. You have really opened my eyes."
- Megan, 21, Virginia

"Thanks to your friend request on myspace I am a vegetarian now."
- Jordan, 19, Michigan

"I checked out that link that you sent me and WOW! I honestly didn't expect going vegan to be this easy. I always had this view on it like all you ate was soy soy soy. I just cant believe that there are all types of alternatives to meat products. I just always believed vegan foods to be bland and boring. I didn't know that I consumed most of it without even trying! I'm blown away. This is awesome. Thanks for all the great info. This will be a lot easier now planning dinner and going grocery shopping. THANK YOU!!!!!"
- Nicole, Florida

"Hey you guys have really inspired me to want to become a vegetarian."
- Elisha, 16, Michigan

"A lot of my friends are [vegan]. I'm going to become one [too], after that video."
- Taylor, 15, Tennessee

"I'm not a vegan yet. But I'm going to try. I requested the starter kit. So hopefully I will be on the right track soon. I know it's going to be hard. But it won't be as bad as what the animals are going through in order to provide us with food. After watching those videos and seeing what all they do go through it has really had a major impact on my way of thinking."
- Megan, 22, Virginia

"I got an awesome veg starter pack in the mail...thanks for posting the link in your journals! They really have helped me a lot." "
- Anonymous Female, 15, New York

"You guys and your fliers at Dave Matthews at the Gorge 2005 made me a vegetarian and in turn, my husband and our two children! one that has been vegan from day one!! Thank you for your dedication to animals and what you have done for our family!"
- Shannon, via Facebook

"Ok so your video really opened my eyes to the harm I cause when I eat meat and use animal products and I have decided to give the vegan thing a try. Thank you so much and I am gonna spread the word for you guys as well!"
- Jess, 19, Colorado

"I think I'm going to start tonight [being vegetarian]. I have a few friends who are and it looks like it's a good thing. Because, if anything happened to my dog like there doing to these animals I'd be pissed. My sister is a veggie too. I used to think it was crazy but now I understand."
- Holly, South Carolina

"When I saw the videos on your page I knew there was no way I can ever eat meat again knowing that is what the animals go through I will be sure to tell all my friends about this and hopefully they will help support this cause."
- Miranda, 17, Pennsylvania

"You have some... scary videos on how animals are treated. It's very convincing, I don't think I will be able to eat meat ever again."
- Denise, 13, Texas

"Thanks so much for the advice I haven't eaten meat in about a week or so. Everything is going so good now and I have been doing a lot better with it and I just wanted to say thank you so much because now I can be a vegetarian without any problems so thanks!!!!!"
- Sydney, 13, Louisiana

"Wow that's so horrible how they treat animals like that. I'm going to give this whole vegan thing a shot. Thanks for showing me this -- you really opened my eyes."
- Mandy, 16, Georgia

"I was a vegetarian 4 years then I started eating meat. I had been thinking of going vegetarian again and your web page made that choice easy 4 me! I am a vegetarian once again!!!"
- Amy, 31 Ohio

"I finally got one of my friends to be a vegetarian. She watched the videos on your page. So they're working and saving animals lives!"
- Jessy, Oklahoma

"Thank you so much! It [AFA's 'Tips for Parents' flyer] worked! My parents respect my wishes now and they understand. If there is anything that I can do for ya'll let me know. I owe ya'll so much!"
- Breanna, 16, Texas

"I am vegetarian for now. But after i get the hang of it, i'll go vegan. The only thing I'll have to cut out is milk. I don't eat eggs as of now. But after looking through the stuff you have to say on your page, I realize I don't believe in animal products. And my mom has been supporting me. She started making dinners for our family without meat."
- Kaytee, Oklahoma

"I have been a ovo-lacto vegetarian my entire 42 years! I have had so many people over the years try to convince me to eat meat it's ridiculous! I have three daughters and a very meat loving husband! One of my daughters is a vegan and has been for the last 4yrs, she's 17! After looking over this site I think that I am finally going to go vegan! The hardest thing will be giving up cheese, MY favorite ! But after looking over the recipes on here I'm sure everyone in my family will be eating more vegan meals and less meat or vegetarian meals! Thanx for all the great recipes!"
- Devra, 42, New York

"I didn't really think about what happened to the animals when I ate them but by watching that video I'm sick to my stomach and don't know what to say."
- Anonymous, 17, New Jersey

"Thank you so much for the add as well! I went to the afa web site and i watched the video on the home page. Well, it really made me open my eyes! I've decided to become vegan and I cant tell you just how better I feel knowing that I can help save those poor animals! I was raised eating meat and I never second guessed it... So thank you so much!"
- Cheyenne, 15, South Carolina

"I had asked about getting Action for Animals [on SocialVibe] forever ago. Their site has some of the best information on veganism yet."
- Allison, 15, Virginia

"Oh wow I will for sure have this as a future cause! I have received a ton of great information from AFA and some really cute stickers."
- Erica, 19, California

"The videos made me wanna cry, I never realized... but now I'm so going vegan."
- Anonymous Female, 18, California

"I've been a vegetarian a while now, and just recently turned vegan, not long after adding this [AFA] myspace."
- Kaylee, 15, California

"Wow, I never thought about how eating meat was killing animals, that got my attention. I'm definitely going to try to become a vegan. You guys are awesome."
- Brooke, 14, California

"That video [Meet Your Meat] was horrible. I'll definitely think about becoming a vegetarian!!"
- Kierstyn, 17, New Jersey

"Thanks heaps. This [info about becoming vegan] is a lot of help, and I just want to let you know that I think what you're doing is totally amazing! Keep it up."
- 15, New Zealand

"The whole thing has been a real eye opener for me! I knew i was eating an animal but i never put thought into it. Since i saw and read about it and decided to become vegan, I'vve tried to stick to it! I've made a couple of mistakes because its such a change but I'm willing to fully become one and maybe I won't make mistakes one day!"
- Cheyenne, 18, South Carolina

"You know what I do eat animals but after seeing all of these animal cruelties [on your web page] I'm not anymore."
- Sammy, Texas

"I've Been A Vegetarian Ever Since You Commented In Earth Day."
- Anonymous Female, 13, Texas

"I just want y'all to know you do make a difference. After watching a video or two, and doing some research, me, my sister, and brother in-law, all just went vegan. Went to the store, bought tofu, vegan-burger, soy-milk (which is actually delicious), and everything else."
- Hailee, 18, California

"Thanks. The tips helped a lot and I think they'll definitely help with the transition from being vegetarian to vegan! I've been having a hard time trying to convince my mom that I will still be healthy if I'm a vegan because that's her main concern, but I think those tips will help her become more understanding and supportive of my decision!"
- Cassie

"Wow you are filled with information! Thank you, I will start looking deeper into more protein things, and becoming fully vegan."
- Alyssa, Texas

"After watching that one video on your profile about how animals are abused, I kinda got sad . I don't think its right at all. I got my friend sam to go vegan with me. We started today... I'm sure it'll be hard for me at first, but I'll get used to it."
- KD, 16, New York

"You are an inspiration! I haven't eaten meat or had any dairy products since your last comment. I never realized milk could be so harmful. I actually tried to go vegetarian last summer at one point, but failed. So, I am giving it a try again. Your page should help keep me motivated. Thanks so much!"
- Joleen, 18, Louisiana

"The videos on your page gave me second thoughts about eating meat and drinkin milk. It killed me to sit there and watch what they were doing to those animals. I don't understand how someone can do that. I think that I'm gonna give being a vegetarian a try. Your page should definitely help motivate me."
- Danielle, 18, Alabama

"I watched those videos and I started crying. I cant believe what they do to animals. Thanks for sharing that with me. I think I'm going to go more vegan"
- Ashleigh, California

"I have been vegetarian for almost a year now, and have decided to become vegan thanks to your videos. They made me realize just how cruel consuming dairy products is."
- Katie, 15, Australia

"Y'all have really inspired me to really think about what they do to the animals. I love animals and hope to be a vet one day. I will do my best to not eat meat. Those videos are horrible it made me cry. So thank you."
- Amanda, 18, Texas

"Thanks for all the advice! I'm totally committed to becoming a vegan, and I do understand it takes time and lessons learned. And what you're doing is really amazing!"
- Jaque, 18, Oregon

"The way these animals are suffering is horrible, I had no idea it was that bad. I'm not a vegetarian, I have never really tried to stop, I never honestly really ever thought about stopping [eating meat] but I will definitely try my very best to watch what I do eat... You have my support I will do my best."
- Daena, 18, Califronia

"I didn't even think about how animals felt when I put the meat in my mouth. I thought that maybe it would be fine if I did. But I realized from your video that it's not okay. People need to fight to change animal abuse and I willing to stop eating meat and to try to help animals. I cried with my friend watching the video. I've never seen anything in my life like this. You've really changed my friend's and my point of view on this thing."
- Shelby, Kansas

"Wow, I knew that eating meat was wrong... but watching your videos and stuff really makes you think twice. I'm pretty sure I'm going vegetarian..."
- Katie, 15, California

"I think it's absolutely absurd that people can do that to animals. They never think how the animals feel. I'm going vegan, I'd never be able to hurt an animal ever...I think it is amazing what you are doing, you have a really good heart."
- Kachiri, 14, California

"Warped Tour is how I became a vegetarian! Thank you so much for your work and dedication! I just wanted to let you know you've made a difference in my life!"
- Chelsea, 17, Washington

"I will never eat meat again [because of your web page]."
- Shannon, 14, New Jersey

"What you guys are doing is amazing, the videos were so terrible. I am now a full pledged vegan"
- Ainslie, 15, Australia

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