Vision Express Ends Use of Wild and Exotic Animals in Their Advertising
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Animal Defenders International (ADI)
August 2012

Great news! Vision Express (one of Europe's largest chains of opticians) has agreed with ADI to no longer feature any wild or exotic animals in their advertising!

The decision follows discussions with ADI about concerns on the use of performing wild animals, after Vision Express featured a monkey in a TV advertising campaign. Evidence presented to Vision Express included undercover video evidence collected by ADI investigators.

Vision Express stated:

While Vision Express took all reasonable steps to ensure that the monkey in question was not mistreated in any way during the filming of the advert,they understand it is not possible to state with certainty how such animals have been trained over their lifetime, or importantly, the long-term experiences and care of such animals in captivity.

Vision Express includes customer feedback as part of their review process and have applied the insight provided by ADI in regard to this matter. As a result Vision Express has made the decision to no longer feature any wild or exotic animals in advertising.

If you know of a company in the United States which uses wild or exotic animals in their advertising, please let us know!

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