Upland Lemon Festival Cancels Elephant Rides
An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Animal Defenders International (ADI)
January 2013

Another elephant ride has ended! Upland Lemon Festival (Southern California) has confirmed they will not be having elephant rides this year, so Gary and Kari Johnson of Have Trunk Will Travel have lost another venue.

Along with ADI supporter Harold Norheim and others, last year we presented Upland City Council with our undercover footage of HTWT owners and trainers viciously “hooking” their elephants with bullhooks, beating and shocking them during routine training sessions. So it is trumpets and thumbs up to Upland Lemon Festival organizers!

Send Upland Lemon Festival your good wishes and ask them not to host elephant rides at any of their events. Email Leslie Galerne, PR & Communications Manager, Fairplex, galerne@fairplex.com

Watch Shock Electric - Animal Cruelty to-style Undercover video by Animal Defenders International shows the brutality Have Trunk Will Travel inflicts on the elephants they “own” and “lease” out for movies, TV shows, commercials and advertisements.

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