New children's book "Steven the Vegan" empowers vegan kids to speak up
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Kasey Minnis, This Dish is Veg
July 2013

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Steven the Vegan, the eponymous character of the new children's book by Dan Bodenstein, is likely to become a household name with vegan kids, and the book a go-to for parents whose children face a common problem.

"Steven the Vegan" starts off with a premise that will be familiar to many vegan kids - teasing from schoolmates. On a field trip to a local farm sanctuary, children tease Steven for eating vegetables. But Steven doesn't get upset; he uses the animals on the farm to kindly teach his friends about where meat, milk and eggs come from, and that you can be healthy and strong without them.

These concepts are explained in an age-appropriate way for the picture book set (ages 4 - 8), with simple, straightforward language. The illustrations, by Ron Robrahn, are bright and appealing, adding to the positive, upbuilding tone of the book.

"Steven the Vegan" explains where animal products come from in a non-frightening way and helps children to reason on why these practices aren't acceptable. It goes on to explain what vegans eat and other points about the lifestyle. The setting - a farm animal sanctuary - shows happy animals in a safe setting. The book concludes with a focus on the feeling of pride and satisfaction Steven receives from speaking up, reinforcing to child readers that they too can make a difference for the animals.

Excellent both for teaching children about veganism and for empowering vegan children to speak up for themselves and their beliefs, "Steven the Vegan" is a must-have for any vegan child's bookshelf.

Steven the Vegan
Written by: Dan Bodenstein
Illustrated by : Ron Robrahn
Totem Tales Publishing
Available from Amazon
Paperback: $11.69
Kindle edition: $5.09

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