One Small Victory for Pamplona's Bulls
An Animal Rights Article from


League Against Cruel Sports
July 2014

STA Travel have announced they have stopped all sales to Pamplona following our campaign!

Pamplona bullOver 12,000 people took action by contacting STA Travel highlighting the cruelty of bull running and bullfighting. People shared our hard hitting film and also followed 'Bully' the bull with his visit to STA's flagship store in London. We could not have achieved this victory without your support!

You can view STA's statement here. We welcome STA removing Pamplona and continuing to review their products however we think it is really disappointing that it took us to point out that they were breaking the ABTA Animal Welfare Guidelines that they signed up to and throughout the campaign they refused to speak to us at all. We expected more of a major travel company, and especially of one who targets a student audience.

Whilst this is good news overall, the sad fact is it does nothing to help the bulls who will be chased through the streets of Pamplona this year, and who will be killed in the bull ring at the end of the day. However, it's a major step in helping the bulls of 2015 onwards, and in enforcing the Animal Welfare Guidelines.

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