Humane Education Committee Brings Teachers, Students Together at New York Conference
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April 2008

"Chickens Can Fly: Learning About Farmed Animals and Farm Sanctuaries" provided a unique opportunity in learning to incorporate creative and interdisciplinary lessons about chickens, and other animals raised on farms, into the curriculum for teachers of grades pre-kindergarten to twelve.

Organized by Dr. Sheila Schwartz, head of the Humane Education Committee of the United Federation of Teachers, and a member of United Poultry Concerns’ Board of Advisors, the conference featured United Poultry Concerns (UPC) President Karen Davis, PhD as the keynote speaker (along with other excellent speakers including Pamela Rice of NYC’s VivaVegie Society), and included a vegan cooking demonstration by Certified Health Practitioner Sharon Cahr whose recipe booklet “Cluckless Cutlets and More” was passed out free to participants along with an amazing array of books, videos, posters and curriculum guides provided by UPC, Animal Place, Farm Sanctuary, and the Humane Education Committee.

Teachers learned how to integrate lessons about chickens and other farmed animals, as well as plant-based meals, into their classroom programs. The luncheon featured delicious soy “chicken” nuggets prepared by the cafeteria. Ta dah!

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