2014 Highlights - League Against Cruel Sports
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League Against Cruel Sports
December 2014

Celebrating 90 years of campaigning for animals

On Tuesday 25th November we celebrated our 90th birthday! Take a look at our video celebrating 90 years.

Launching our campaign to make the Hunting Act even stronger

The Hunting Act is the most successful piece of wild animal welfare legislation and it's now time to make it even stronger.

Saving the Hunting Act from government attempts to repeal it by the back door

We thwarted attempts by the government to destroy the Hunting Act and also won a national award for the success of this campaign.

Investigations into illegal hunting leading to convictions

League investigations result in Hunting Act convictions and more hunters in court next year.

Establishing a mandate for change in the greyhound racing industry

Our new report exposes the exploitation and cruelty within the greyhound racing industry with our calls for change being supported by MPs from all main parties.

Successful campaign to convince STA Travel to stop promoting Pamplona Bull Run

We were delighted that STA Travel listened to the views of our supporters who contacted them in their thousands to stop promoting the barbaric Pamplona Bull Run

Exposing the massacre of migratory birds in Malta

This year we launched our campaign to highlight the massacre of migratory birds in Malta. Watch our film with Bill Oddie.

Rally for Nature

We joined with the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts for the first ever Rally for Nature in London.

Blasting holes in the shooting industry's economic claims

Our new report shows that the shooting industry have greatly over exaggerated their benefit to the British economy.

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