Why should I care about animal suffering when there is so much human suffering in the world?
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Be Fair Be Vegan
September 2016

Just as you donít need to be a human rights activist to avoid contributing to human rights violations, you donít need to be an animal activist to be a vegan. Being vegan is simply a matter of changing your habits to conform to values of justice and compassion that are no limited to human animals but include, as true justice should, all animals. While becoming vegan may take some additional time in the learning phase, it is no more time consuming than having a good habit replace a bad habit. You can still focus your time on other important issues while simply leaving animals alone.

Every animal, both human and non-human, has the inherent right to freedom from unnecessary harm.

Veganism is not the end of all harm. It is the beginning.

Right this moment you may not have the power to stop a woman from being stoned to death or children from being forced into slavery, but you are empowered to stop your own participation in the harm that is caused by the production of all things non-vegan.

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