Punishment for Animal Abusers
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Susan Trout
November 2012

I watched the heart-breaking and violent video that Steve Hindi of SHARK captured recently at a private hunting club in Berks County, Pennsylvania [Pigeon Shoot Dead Pile, Some Still Alive]. To say I was appalled would be an understatement. I cried.
I wonder how people can look at such unconscionable cruelty and not wonder about the overall behavior of those engaging in such violent, hateful acts? If they hold the opinion that these are "just animals" and this is just hunting, well I can't help but wonder if their consciences are operating. If you think these "men"? behave compassionately and gently with their fellow man, you are sorely mistaken. I would feel most uncomfortable in their presence and would fear for any human being that is vulnerable, especially children. To violently brutalize such tiny, defenseless creatures speaks volumes about their character.  These men are cowards in every sense. If they are anything like their parents, what can we expect in the future? They are course, unfeeling excuses for humanity.
If I could intervene here, the first thing I would do is arrest them on "felony" animal cruelty. I would ensure that they stand trial and hopefully be convicted in a court of law.
I would sentence them to a minimum of FIVE years in prison, order them to undergo psychiatric intervention (AT THEIR COST) and upon their release, would keep them on probation for at least five years. They would also lose their hunting privileges for five years (I'd like to ban them forever but I think that five years in prison will give them plenty of time to think about what they've done and possibly change their hearts and minds).
When I see such revolting cruelty, I fear for our world. There is something desperately wrong with a person who can carry out such brutality and then laugh about it.
I remember the words of former president, Woodrow Wilson..."When a nation ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."  
We've taken God out of everything. We are now reaping what we've sown.
May God have mercy on those of us who refuse to bow to human philosophy and may He hear our prayers and "heal" our land. 

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