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By Marni Montanez


It is a long arduous task, being an animal advocate.  As Christians, it is even more difficult because we are often quoted the non-verse, that God loves people more than animals, which, by the way, is not true.

But even as non Christians the kind of work involved in stopping animal cruelty can set us on a road that unleashes a passion within us we didnít know we had.   This passion, if not carefully monitored can bring us to places of heartache and frustration that goes well beyond the average person.     We do need passion, but we need to be careful that the passion doesnít overwhelm us.

Too many animal advocates have taken their lives because of the endless nightmare facing them not only every day, but it seems like every moment.  

We can turn off our computer for a specific amount of time so that we are not bombarded with the horrid images that afflict us daily.  We can turn off our phones and choose to go outside and breathe fresh air.  We must find a measure of joy and peace within our days or we too will lose hope that it will ever stop and decide death is our relief.  

It is not about changing it all in a single sweep although all of us dream of that happening. It is about doing our part, which varies from person to person,  and then allowing others to pick up the slack.

As human beings we need time to recuperate because it is the worst thing to get involved in. Once you are in, you are in. Itís like wanting to get out of the mafia.  You can walk away but the visions of animals being abused or homeless will haunt you and take your emotional life.

We must know our limits and reach out to each other for prayer,  a listening ear,  or a hopeful voice that saysÖÖ.  ďGo rest for awhile and itís okĒ

All animal advocates want the exact same thing. We want all animals to be safe, well taken care of, healthy and happy.   We want to look into the world and see nothing but love for Godís creatures.

The cruelty that exists is not what it was supposed to be like.   

Be ok, about not being ok.  We see some horrible images.  Sometimes knowing that animals are hurting somewhere out there is a heavy load, but we must not forget that there is a great big community of people who have exactly the same goal.

We are not alone; none of us, and it is important to find our supporters as we trudge through the heartbreaking stories we hear.  

Be encouraged,  there are so many victories we have had since the beginning of animal advocacy.  We need to remind ourselves that itís possible, because laws have changed, animals have been saved and hope has been restored.   

Let us move on with the group mentality that we are a force strong and relentless;  a force who refuses to give up or let go of our position.  We are a group of individuals who need time out and rest and to cry and scream and vent.  We need each other.  This is a big task, but one that is possible to conquer.

God bless


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