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March 2015

Inspiring and preparing young people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet.
- The (lofty) mission of the MUSE School

MUSE school is located in the city of Calabasas, California, a few miles northwest of Los Angeles in the Santa Monica mountains. If I had it to do all over again, I would make the area my home and my three daughters would be attending the Muse school.
In April, Dr. Michael Klaper will be the keynote speaker in an assembly explaining the benefits of eating a plant-based diet to kindergarten through eighth grade students attending the MUSE school.

MUSE educators write:

Our school is a seedbed for innovative practices and programs... MUSE is a high-performance learning lab that demonstrates eco-literacy and serves as a beacon of sustainable living and design. We are committed to restoring and celebrating nature and to serving as a champion of everything green.

This coming September, MUSE will officially become the first school in America serving a full menu of various plant-based foods to the children fortunate to attend.
In 2014, they began a transition from the standard American diet to a vegetarian one. The kids ate dairy. That will be no more. Beginning September, it's all vegan.
Meatless Mondays will become Meatless Mondays through Fridays.
MUSE grows 200 varieties of their own organic lettuce. Children will be in salad heaven.
MUSE was founded by Suzy Cameron, wife of James Cameron who wrote, produced, and directed the blockbuster movie, Avatar. Cameron's roots in science fiction morphed from a disastrous future for mankind in The Terminator to an idyllic existence in Avatar. The Muse school and its vegan cafeteria reflect the first spiritual application of an Avatar-like Garden of Eden in the twenty-first century.
I am thoroughly a mused!
Somewhere in Topeka, a girl named Dorothy will eat typical middle-American school lunches of pork and pizza and click together the heels of her red Jimmy Choos to discover she has a case of advanced heart disease like her fellow classmates before becoming a teenager. And somewhere over the rainbow, evolves a lifestyle free of the diseases plaguing most Americans.

"You are not in Kansas anymore."

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