If the whole world became vegan, what would happen to all the animals already on farms? Wouldn't they overrun the planet?
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Be Fair Be Vegan
September 2016

If the world’s entire human population goes vegan, it will likely be a gradual process, beginning with the reduction of farmed animal populations, just by our ceasing to breed them into existence.

As it is, farmed animals are already overrunning the planet. We intentionally breed over 50 billion animals into existence each year, and at any given time, there are over 20 billion farmed animals in the world; almost three times the human population. These animals are displacing natural species, emitting huge amounts of waste, using huge amounts of natural resources, and polluting our waterways.

The only chance we have of finding a solution to this problem is for each one of us to be willing to veganize the choices we make in our everyday lives. This alone will make it possible for us to phase out the forced breeding of animals and ultimately free the planet from this unnatural burden.

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