International Fund for Africa (IFA) Welcomes Dawn Moncrief and Jo-Anne McArthur to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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International Fund for Africa (IFA)
May 2016

IFA is committed to ensuring the well-being of women and children in Africa, especially the vulnerable who have limited access to a quality health service and other essential services such as education and safe drinking water. We focus on maternal and child health development by strengthening the health care system, building local capacity, supplying much needed health technology and implementing evidence based interventions. All our projects, including our work in rural development and nutritional development, seek collaboration with communities, partners and key stakeholders to bring about sustainable change and resilience.

In April 2016 IFA warmly welcomed Dawn Moncrief from A Well-Fed World to Addis Ababa; she is a staunch supporter and fundraiser for IFA and wanted to visit our Sustainable School Health and Nutrition Program (SSHNP).

She was accompanied by Jo-Anne McArthur (We Animals), a Canadian photojournalist, humane educator, animal rights activist and author who was able to take a number of photos for IFA and these included:

  • Students enjoying a nutritious plant-based lunch
  • Students being screened for refractive error, minor eye infections and eye disease
  • School girls being educated and trained in Menstrual Hygiene Management
  • A visit to two recently constructed bakeries, soon to be launched as IGAs to support the SSHNP

dawn moncrief
Dawn Moncrief with children learning about and enjoying a plant-based meal...

dawn moncrief

Following her one week visit to IFA, Jo-Anne McArthur put together a short write-up on her time with us:

It's truly moving to see a group of people working together so wholeheartedly to create change in the face of adversary. The "adversaries" that this group of exceptional people at the International Fund for Africa work to overcome are present in many forms, be it poverty or lack of education, sanitation issues that lead to hygiene and health problems, or a system that is slow to organize itself or hesitant to implement new ideas and visions. I was humbled to see the team at IFA in Ethiopia working on creating change, one step at a time, one person at a time, when others might feel daunted by what they are up against.

But the team at IFA are making inroads into helping others and creating change, and I got to see and document that in a mere week! A week is the length of time I had in and around Addis Ababa with the IFA and with Dawn Moncrief from A Well-Fed World, and in that short time frame I accompanied them on many of their projects relating to hunger, education, hygiene and health. They are a small but dedicated group of people doing really, truly important work that make real-life differences in the lives of people every day. I'm so glad that I got to be there and support their work by taking photos that their organization can use to show and promote their project. The IFA has all of my love and support!

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