La Raza for Liberation
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Wotko Tristan, Faunacción / La Raza for Liberation
March 2018

We work under an all-inclusive, anti-speciesist and intersectional framework. We believe fair labor practices, immigration, mass incarceration, non-human animal liberation, education, and health are not only related, but dependent on each other for sustainable and effective solutions.

faun accion

In a time when people of color face immense disparities in health, education, and income, as well as threats from a heartless administration, it’s understandable why so many of us struggle to lead or engage in activism. The Latin American community makes up nearly 18% of the US population, or 58 million people, but remain an even smaller, visible fraction of the liberation movement.

La Raza for Liberation was created by people of Latin American descent, for people of Latin American descent, in the US and Mexico.

 la raza for revolution

We reject the idea that all Latin Americans are Mexican, or that all Latin Americans come from the exact same culture and have the exact same needs and experiences. We are a diverse people, and our work should reflect that. Communication and collaboration are key values to our organization, because in our intent to represent the whole, we must listen to and respect each part.

It is our mission to educate and empower our communities in our fight for liberation in a way that is relatable, accessible, and historically accurate. Our goals are to increase the leadership and visibility of Latinxs and Natives working to dismantle oppressive systems, and support these groups and individuals by sharing and providing various resources and platforms.

In the words of Dolores Huerta, si se puede!

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