How To Run a Good Campaign
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Hans Kriek, Save Animals From Exploitation, New Zealand as posted on

GO VEGAN first then...

Give 100% commitment to the Cause

Donít be afraid to talk to Industry. Understand their position. Educate Yourself. Visit farmers.

Celebrate diversity within the movement.

Ask questions, i.e. How many animals live in stalls here? How many cows are milked per day? etc.

Itís easy to identify the cruelty aspect to the public. Make sure the public know whatís behind closed doors.

Keep the issue black and white in the beginning.

Donít exaggerate to media and if you want to make a specific point, repeat it a couple of times until you're certain the journalist heard you.

Adjust to changing circumstances.

Be willing to listen (not roll over) to others with opposing opinions to your own. Maintain an open mind.

Campaign on all fronts. Leave no stone unturned.

Stick to one issue and drive it home.

Get a result before moving on to the next issue.

Go to the consumer Ė get the information out there.

Portray yourself at all times as a professional.

Educate people and lay foundations so people know what you are talking about.

If you go in too strongly in the beginning you might be dismissed. Do your homework on an issue.

For media, be prepared. Have a media pack ready. Provide them with high quality footage. Be well researched and keep it simple.

The animals are whatís at stake and is more important than in-fighting between animal groups.

Strategically plan your next step and donít lose sight of the big picture.

Never give up. We will always be confronting industryiesand the government.

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