Why LOVE one but EAT the other?
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Y Love 1
August 2014

love one eat otherY Love 1 is a website that was made by kids like you, for you.

We want to help you understand why we help animals.

Why we must be compassionate, and not eat some of the foods we like.

Why we shouldn't go to marine parks (SeaWorld, Marineland etc.), the zoo or the circus. Why we shouldn't wear wool, leather, or silk.

And why animal testing is wrong.

Our goal is to simply help kids learn how healthy, unique, and kind a plant-based diet is, and how it's the near-perfect solution to cancer, obesity and several other diseases!

We want to help you understand what you're really saying when you say,"I love animals!" and then you eat a burger made from the animals you 'love' right after.

From kids to kids, we want to help you with something you might be too scared to admit that you want to try, to someone else. We want to help you go vegan!

Who Are We?

love one eat other


Favourite Vegan Dish: Vegan Grilled Cheez
Favourite Vegan Celebrity: Anne Hathaway
Why I Went Vegan: Because I love animals and I want to help others


Favourite Vegan Dish: Vegan Lasagne
Favourite Vegan Celebrity:  Ellen Degeneres
Why I Went Vegan:For the animals, for the planet, and for ourselves. (And because it's the right thing to do) 

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