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From Jocelyn about Cruelty to Dogs
May 15, 2013

Why would these people hurt animals so badly for no reason? One I really don't get is why they would take away a dog from its home and kill it.

Another one is why would a solider just throw and kill a poor innocent puppy like that. Why should I repect them if they do that?

Please someone help stop this madness PLEASE!


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Jocelyn:

We ask a lot of the same questions about why some people are so evil.

The world is filled with violence and destruction, and from an early age humans are taught to indifferent to the suffering of animals from being fed animal products. This combination hardens the hearts and souls of most people.

This is why we keep speaking out against all forms of animal use and exploitation.

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In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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