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From John About Justifying Using Animals
Feb 19, 2013

There is give and take in any social or exotic setting. Your outlook is entirely too single sided and your use of “God” in addressing the sins of man displays an extremely limited understanding of your “Religion”  I use God and Religion in quotes to set it off so that there may be a bit of slack rather than attempting to tightly define any Christian religion.  Recall that the push to make everyone a “Christian” was one of the bloodiest and murderous campaigns in the history of the earth. In that determinant it was not animals that were harmed, but people, so I think that any human with the intelligence to comprehend the sadly twisted thing you call religion would easily see that your cries to “save the poor animals” is retarded, poorly considered, backward, and self-serving.  
First, in any society, consider yourself—this is commonplace.  Recall the dark ages… 
Secondly, consider that animals are used to benefit humans.  Yes, what they go through is uncomfortable and much like slavery.  It is close to what I have tolerated as the dark hearted Christians attempt to force me to bow to the locks and chains of their religion. As an atheist, I detest the forces that move to make me into what they want. I, like animals, prefer my freedom.
Also, consider that science has used animals to develop and test many of the drugs that take the pain away from modern surgery.  How many of you are willing to volunteer yourselves as the base from which further medical advances are made? 
Will any of you single sided thinkers stand up to be used in a new surgery—perhaps one done without anesthetics? 
I thought not.
So please develop a line of intelligent thinking that allows the development of medical advancements.  Science will cause animals to suffer or it will stop and you will suffer.  I just went through a knee replacement without painkillers and I assure you that few would willingly do that.  I am allergic to painkillers.  I survived it just as many atheists survived the rack when Christians attempted to force them into religion.
I suggest you shutup.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear John:
We so sorry to see how much the world has hardened your heart to the suffering of others. No living being should have to suffer at the hands of another, particularly human caused suffering.
As long as there are humans and animals suffering in the world, we will never keep silent. We are compelled to be the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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