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From Ian About Cruelty and Uselessness of Experiments
Feb 13, 2013


I've just read the latest newsletter and had a look around the site. I am still extremely annoyed at the way monkeys are used to experiment on in the UK where I live. I will be writing to my MEP (member of European Parliament) to ask for an end to be called on Government grants being paid to companies experimenting.  After doing some research, it appears most of the results of tests are INVALID.

If you torture a monkey, scare it, beat it and slap it about, make it suffer from severe stress and make it feel worthless - how can test results be accurate. Various chemicals and hormones can be released, blood pressure can go up, metabolism can either speed up or slow down severely - loads of things can happen. The monkey will probably be suffering from a mental illness and chemicals in the brain could be imbalanced, so once again the test is not accurate. Also, how do we know if any permanent damage has been caused that will lead to false results in the future?  Some of the monkey videos made me sick - one poor monkey was held tightly by the arms and a lab "person" was hitting the poor thing in the face with a plastic stick, which resulted in having teeth knocked out - all because the monkey was scared to open it's mouth to have a tube shoved down it's throat. Anyone could see it was scared, they even put their fingers in it's nose until the monkey was forced to open it's mouth, then rammed a plastic stick in and rubber tube. At that point I wanted to get the lab people, tie their hands and feet and put them in a room with the monkeys they hurt - I am sure they would be ripped apart. What an excellent video for youtube!

The thing so-called scientists don't understand is that if you were to give a "normal" well cared for and loved monkey a drug, then give the same to a lab-monkey, the way that drug works is very different.

I am convinced that the people who dream up restraint devices, experiments and how to traumatise and hurt a monkey are definitely suffering from a form of mental illness. Research has shown that people who torture animals are often living a fantasy and getting sexual gratification from it. They like to dominate, overpower, enforce their own feelings and enjoy seeing others suffer. A lot will go on to harm and even kill people one day.

Quite a few children in the UK that have murdered people started off hurting and killing animals. Take Jon Venables and Robert Thompson who killed a baby boy in the UK 20 years ago. They admitted to starting out wanting to hurt animals. Both were mentally ill and only about 12 at the time. One went on to commit more crimes.

Anyway, I am horrified by the pictures you have and also the amount of companies that torture monkeys and various other animals. I use my Cruelty-Free booklet and have obtained them for friends and family. I've written to a few companies asking if they test on animals and had no replies!!! My letter to my MEP will ask for information on who experiments on animals in the UK, for what purpose, how much the Government gives them and WHY use animals.  

There is absolutely NO NEED to use animals for experiments.

Micro-dosing can be used, we can now use computers to work out what will happen and people in the UK can volunteer to test some drugs in return for payments. You were right about the animals on your site, the looks on their faces - begging for help, I just wish I was part of The ALF and could go releasing animals and completely disrupt testing in the UK. Sorry for going on about it, but there are some seriously disturbed people in the World.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Your analysis of why testing on animals isn’t reliable is absolutely correct.
All the scientists seem to understand is how to get new grants to fund more research, and their hearts are so hardened that they don’t care about the suffering of the animals.
We’re in agreement. Thank you for your in-depth comments. We’re going to publish them on our web site.  

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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