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From Sam About Bear Bile Forms
Aug 22, 2011


Thank you for exposing another aspect of the hell defenceless animals are facing on a regular basis in Asia. There can be no question of ‘cultural differences’ to explain it all: this kind of drivel is sheer nonsense.

What I wonder is: how come – all these and similar goings on being published and widely known – no more is being done to stop them?? Cf. the market places killing your ‘merchandise’ in front of you to ascertain its ‘freshness’, restaurants skinning animals alive before boiling them (alive), or the fur trade using similar methods?

I suggest a petition towards the creation of an international law whereby all those people SO convinced animals can be tortured at random, whether or this be ‘legal’ and for profit, undergo themselves what they have other creatures suffer. As the evil spirits they are they may even stand a chance of escape.

There has been an article in the press recently, relating how – in such an abominable ‘bear bile farm’ – a mother bear broke out of her cage on hearing the cries of her cub as its little belly was being pierced; she killed the cub outright, and committed suicide running her head into a wall. How badly hasn’t this world degenerated so Homo-sapiens (? sapiens) forces even animals to commit suicide? – Children of God did you say? I hope not...

Let them stick to their own wars if they want them, I say, and leave other creatures well alone.

Yours very truly,

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Sam:

Thank you for writing and for your desire to end to the bear bile trade and other forms of animal exploitation.

There has been some slow improvements in Asia, but for the most part, China isn't listening.

We have not found that petitions do a lot of good. The most effective tool for change is public outcries from compassionate people. The more all of us work together to encourage public opinion to speak out against these atrocities, the they will end.

We heard about the mother and baby bear, too: Mother bear kills cub then self at Chinese bile farm.

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In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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