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From Matti About the Expense of Going Vegan
Mar 3, 2011

[Written in response to images of dogs being killed for food.]

You seriously believe these people could afford to go vegan, or would even want to? Yeah, this sort of treatment is cruel and in an ideal world it wouldn't happen, but the right way to stop this isn't to start protesting against these sorts of things, or impotently declaring "I'm not eating meat," an attack very similar in strength as throwing single strands of wet spaghetti at a main battle tank.

Especially useless is the eco-terrorism many activists do at mink farms and the likes. That's definitely not going to improve the quality of life for the subsequent animals that the farmer is then forced to buy. It's sad, really, these people have their heart in the right place, but their methods are impotent at best, detrimental to their cause at worst.

The right way to end animal cruelty is to alleviate poverty via scientific advances and above all investment into genetic research.

Would you have something against eating meat that came from an organism without a brain or even pain receptors, especially if it was very cheap? Once we understand and can synthesize complete sets of DNA, making an organism whose sole purpose is to grow meat in easy to package bunches, much like fruit, becomes something a scientist can do on a computer terminal.

People will always want to eat meat, it's genetically programmed and it is indeed a very real challenge to simply SURVIVE with only plant proteins, let alone not experiencing any ill effects.

The only correct place for intervention is at the manufacturing level, making producing meat from actual animals obsolete. You will also never eliminate animal cruelty before you eliminate poverty, any organism will place its own continued survival over the comfort and survival of others, especially those of a different species.

Reply from Frank and Mary

Thank you very much for writing.

Your contention that it is more expensive to be vegan isn't correct. Our own lifestyle has proven this for the past 25 years. Our food costs are even below what the welfare food stamp program allows. Please take a look at the way we eat and our average daily food costs - 

This is the best way to end the suffering of animals and for us humans to be healthy. We are both in our 70's and need no medications and we rarely see a doctor except for check-ups.

We have also found that the other suggestion you made about ending the exploitation of animals haven't been working, because compassionate people have been working on these issues for many years.

People don't seem to change unless their emotions are shocked and they begin to feel the pain and suffering of the animals.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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